Candle Magick

I love doing magick and rituals with lots of candles. I guess candles just create a mysterious type of mood when burning!

Some of the following spells came from Ray Bucklands book Practical Candleburning rituals or Advanced Candle Magick and I may have reworded them to my liking.

Where you see the term "Petitioners Candle" that is the person doing the spell or who you are doing the spell for. You will need a candle of the astral color of the person. Also you may need to know the candle color for the days of the week. Click here for those.

Candle Color Meanings

Red - energy, strength, passion
Blue - wisdom, protection, creativity, communication, water, healing
Purple - spiritual power, psychic ability and energy, hidden knowledge
Silver - dreams, the goddess, intuition, telepathy, feminine power
Pink - love, peace, romantic, emotions,
Gold - wealth, god, happiness
Black - binding, protection, banishing negativity
Copper - money, growth
Yellow - sun, intelligence, memory
Green - fertility, money, tree magick, growth,
Brown - friendships, favors
White - the goddess, purity, spiritualism, peace

                 Dressing Your Candles and Oils to Use

                 Dressing the candle means anointing it with an essential oil. You dress
                your candle by rubbing your chosen oil on it from the top of the candle to
                the center. Then you rub the bottom of the candle to the center. Below is a
                list of Oil used for anointing candles.

                Patchouli - for money or sexual desires
                Rose - love, peace, sexual desire, enhance beauty
                Geranium - protection
                Myrrh - healing, meditation, enhance spirituality
                Basil - happiness, peace, money, stimulating the conscious mind
                Juniper - healing, protection, purification
                Clove - courage, protection
                Jasmine- the moon, love, psychic awareness, peace, spirituality, sexuality

 Spell for money/Prosperity:

 A green candle
 Runes- Money sign For your part of the world, One for weallt,
 fortune. Perhaps one for a gift(Unexpected)
 Oils: Patchouli and/or lavender
 Herbs: Oregano or lavender

 Follow steps 1-3 in the techniques section. Take a coin or Bill
 small denomination and place it on your altar or where ever you
 going to burn the candle. Or if it's to pay bills, Take a photo
 of that bill and just before the candle burns completely out.
 the copy of the bill. Or burn it in your censor. Don't forget to
 contribute some small amount of the money gained to a charity or
 someone less fortunate.

 Spell For Fertility.

 A green candle
 Runes: Gender rune, Fertility rune
 Oils: Vanilla
 Herbs: Lavender. (Or your mates favorite flower or scent. Same
 the oil used)

 Follow steps 1-3 on the techniques page. Visualize the outcome
 want. Remember that fertility can apply to mental status as
 Burn the candle along with some appropriate incense in your
 censer or

 Spell to Bring on a late Menstrual Cycle

 IMPORTANT NOTE ON THIS SPELL: DON'T cast this spell unless you
 SURE you are NOT PREGNANT. Magick is very powerful and can cause
 to miscarry if you cast this spell without precautions!

 One RED Candle
 Runes: woman, Orderliness, Blood drops
 Oils: Patchouli, Lavender or your favorite scent
 Herbs: Lavender, Mugwort

 Follow steps 1-3. Take a sanitary napkin or tampax and place it
 your altar or where ever is safe and you are going to do the
 spell. Visualize starting your cycle. Light the candle and let

Stress Relief

What you need: Blue candle (as many as you like - I just use one) Pentacle - for balance and energy (I just wear my necklace) Some incense - (Now I know certain types are used for certain things, but pick one that is most calming to you - I use Nag Champa becuase it calms me and smells yummy) Charge your candle and place it near your pentacle or if you are wearing your pentacle, just wear it. Light the incense and then the candle. Concentrate on the flame (don't stare too long, it will cause a bad headache.) Cup your hands around the flame and feel the peace and calming energy flow into your body. Get close to the candle to feel it enter your mind as well - DON'T GET TOO CLOSE!!! I did and burnt by hair and it smelled bad. Finally, if you don't want to burn the candle all the way down, you can put it out. I lick my thumb and forefinger and quickly grab the wick - Do it quick or you burn your fingers and it hurts! Also, say something so the energy remains, like: Though your flame is quenched in the physical, You still shine in the astral
A Job Spell

This is best begun on the night of the New Moon: Use an astral candle for yourself - your color A brown candle for the job itself A green candle for prosperity Burn a prosperity incense and anoint the candles with a prosperity oil - I would use cinnamon. Anoint from wick to end. These candles should be in a safe place, they have to burn out entirely. Place the brown candle in the center, the green on the right, and the astral on the left. Light the astral : I ask for change, that is my right, open the way, clear my sight. Light the green : Good luck is mine and prosperity, help me Great Ones, come to me. Light the brown : Opportunity, work, rewards I see, And as I will So Mote it Be. Say the above as you light the candles. Leave these to burn out completely and dispose of the wax afterwards. Each night, for a week, or until the candle is used up, light a second brown candle for 9 minutes while meditating and gaining balance in preparation for the job and the good to come. During this time period, Actively seek a job. Listen to your intuition and follow up on all leads.

To Obtain Money

You will need: a gold candle, 5 green candles, 1 red, the astral candle of the person whom the spll is being worked for (the petitioner), cinnamon or clove oil, and cinnamon, clove or other prosperity incense.
Best Day of the week to do this spell on:Thirsday or Sunday

Rub oil on all the candles (This is called Dressing the Candle). On the left side of the altar, place the gold and petitioner candles. On the right hand side, line up the 5 green candles so the y make an arrow pointing to the other two on the left. Place the red candle behind the green one at the tip of the "arrow".

-Cast your Circle. Light the incense. Meditate on what is to be done. When ready, light the Petitioners candle, picturing the petitioner and say "This candle represents ...(name)... As it burns, so burns his spirit."

-Light the Gold candle, think hard about attracting the money and say"This candle represents the Attraction. It works with and for ...(name)..., the name beside it".

-Light the green candles, say as you light the candles, say "These candles represent money which ...(name)... desires. It is as much as he needs-no more no less***".

-Light the Red candle, and think about what is to be accomplished. Say "This candle represents the Power and Command to drive the money to ...(name)..."

-Meditate for a moment or two, raising energy inside yourself. When ready say: " As money is necesssary to the fulfillment of our needs, so must we strive to obtain it. All should be earned or not recieved at all. THe need of ...(name)... at present time is intense. For it is said the Gods will provide when surely in need. Now is the need. Let him find all that he shall need. Let all work well for him. Let him have sufficent. Let him no longer have want."

-Think now of the wish fulfilled and the petitioner having money. Think of it actually being in his pocession. Say:" The money is now his. He holds it in his hands and has it to fill his needs. He has recieved it safely and is glad. Praise be to the Gods for their kindness. Now all is well."

Sit then quietly for about 5 minutes, letting the candles and the incense burn. The ritual should be repeated the following day, but before starting move the 5 green candles about 2 inches to the left towards the 2 candles. Also, move the red right behind them. Move them each day before the ritual until they finally meet the Gold and petitioners candles (The first green one meets the other two.)

Good luck!!
(***I have been taught not to ask for a certain amount. The money will come in a way that it will not hurt anyone.)

To Cause Dreams

You will need:Candle of your astral color and of the day of the week, light blue, orange, and white candles, and a dream incense (lavendar or mugwort).

Best day to perform this on:Whenever you want to induce dreams

-Arrange the candles on the altar with the astral candle in the middle, the light blue and white together above the astral candle and the orange just below the astral candle.

-Light the astral candle, say: "Here am I the subject of this rite."

-Light the light blue candle, say: "Here burns tranquillity and patience, necessary for the accomplishment of the desire."

-Light the orange candle, say: "Here is the attraction of that desire, that I may dream the dreams I would wish and see and experience all that I will."

-Light the white candle, say: "For Truth in all that I see, is this flame lit."

-Close your eyes for a moment and see yourself enveloped in white light. After a few minutes open your eyes again and say:
"Whence comes the wind that blows softly through the trees?
And wither does it go?
Yet in its gentle passing do we not feel
Its soft velvet touch upon our cheek?
Like the flutter of butterfly wings,
Now sensed; now lost!
For all is reality we cannot reach in and touch,
And grasp the wind.
It is there; yet it is not!
How real too is our sense of sight
When we see, in dreams, the ones we love.
Again we see them and talk to them,
And walk and love again.
Yet are they there?
Will they come when we call?
Can we see and do what we will?
Yes, and yes again. 'Tis true.
All that which we desire to see, to experience,
In our dreams, is ours for the asking.
Will, and it shall come!
Ask, and it shall be given.
Know that the power is within us,
And all that we desire shall be ours!"

-Sit quietly for a few minutes before extinguishing the candles. This ritual should be performed when dreams are desired.

A Quicky Money Spell

I have done this a couple of times and have gotten awesome results. This requires good visuilization. Take a green candle and anoint it with cinnamon oil. Take the bill or write on a piece of paper the amount of a bill you owe and who it is to. You will need a candle that can burn for 7 days. Place the paper under the candle. Hold your hands over the candle and say something like :

"This candle burns to light the way for the money I need to pay this bill in a way that harms no one."

Light the candle and burn patchouli incense. Meditate for about 5 minutes as the candle burns. Visualize yourself writing the check or purchasing the money order for this bill and putting it in the mail. Burn the candle everyday around the same time for 7 days and 15 minutes at a time. Also, burn patchouli incense everyday too with the candle. On the last day, burn the paper with the flame from the candle and let the candle burn completely out.

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