Days of the Week Meanings

DayMeaningHistory and Use
Monday color=whiteMoon DaySince the Moon governs the tides, this is a good day for working on goals which relate to the emotions and on domestic and purely feminine issues. Excellent for emotional plane work, such as visualization.
Tuesday color=redTiu's dayTiu is the sword bearing Norse God of Justice : his nature combines the qualities of Greek Zeus and Ares. The day of the planet Mars. a good day for more energy, greater self-assertion, and on purely masculine goals. as Mars is a fiery planet, it's an excellent day for spiritual cleansing and for getting rid of negativity.
Wednesday color=purpleWoden's DayWoden (Odin, Wotan) is the great Father-God of Norse mythology, his nature is like that of the Greek Zeus and Hermes. The day of the planet Mercury. The best day for consulting oracles (especially runes)< planning magickal operations, writing affirmations, and incantations, for work on the mental plane, in other words. Good for intellectual goals.
Thursday color=blueThor's DayThor is closely connected with the God Zeus. The day of the planet Jupiter. Use this day to work on prosperity issues.
Friday color=greenFreya's DayFreya is the Norse Aphrodite. The day of the planet Venus. The perfect day for love and friendship operations. Also excellent for artists, their creations and selling them.
Saturday color=blackSaturn's DayThe planet Saturn rules over restrictions and boundries, so operations for setting these are favored. A good day to work for protection. Think about what is blocking yoiu from success and eraticate it on Tuesday.
Sunday color=yellowSun's DayThe best possible day to initiate magickal activities. Good for all goals, but particularly those which relate to healing and success.

Taken from Practical Solitary Magick By Nancy Watson.

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