So, you are interested in paganism? There are many things you need to know before deciding on one of many Pagan faiths. First let me go over a few of the negatives aspects to make sure this is what you really want. This is not for the weak of heart. Paganism is the most persecuted religion of the world today. You will find that many of your friends and family will shun you for your beliefs. This is not an organized faith and many groups will not advertise when and where they meet. You will need to be able to self teach yourself your own spirituality and spend long hours researching your chosen path. You will have people, mostly Christians, always trying to proselytize you. There is not a middleman for you to tell your problems to as in the Christian faiths (i.e. Pastor, Minister, or Priest). You may have to become solitary and study in secret until you feel strong enough to come out of the closet. St. Patrick ‘s Day will no longer be a day to drink green beer, as doing so celebrates religious persecution against Pagans. And the hardest concept, in my opinion, is having more than one name for God as well as more than one God and/or Goddess to choose from as your pardon deity.

Now that you have decided this is for you, there are a few things you should know. First, you do not have to recruit others to join your church. Pagans do not try to convert to gain membership. You are your own minister or priest/priestess, meaning you and you alone can commune directly with your God in a way that feels right to you. We have clergy if you need counsel to better understand your choice and overcome hardships you may face. You do not have to tithe any money to a church; instead your offering should be presented directly to your God in the form of breads, fruits, and wines. Pagans are very accepting of other religions and will learn what they can of other faiths to better understand their own. You will spend many hours researching your faith, giving you a chance to learn more about world history, ancient cultures, and religious beliefs than just what you’re studying. On the average, Pagans are more learned than Christians because we do our own thinking and study. Going to church each week or praying each day is not needed. We have eight major holy days each year called Sabbats, and various groups will gather together to perform ceremonies. The rest of the time it up to the individual to worship as he or she sees fit. Many will have a ritual on the Esbats (minor holy day) as well. Being pagan you will have the freedom of choosing what name you want to call God by and how you want to worship Him, Her or both in a way that suites your lifestyle. The Internet has many sites with detail information and support groups. Most already know right from wrong, so there is no need for commandments or rules. Yet some still need a doctrine to follow. We simplify this into eight simple, yet powerful words; “Least ye harm none; Do what ye will”.