How Color Works in Your Life

We associate white with purity, goodness and 
rightness. White is the
symbol of positive and protective energy. We 
dress heroes and heroines
in white. White represents wholeness of spirit. 
We associate God, God's
messengers and Heaven with white. We picture 
Angels in robes of white.
We associate black with evil. We dress villains 
in black. Black is the
symbol of destruction. When catastrophe strikes, 
we call it a black day.
Black represents despair, anger and rage, which 
are absences of love,
compassion and forgiveness. We say that a person 
who feels these things
is in a black mood. 

We say the "Dark Ages" were a time when the 
"light of reason" was
absent. We call the suffering of a splintered 
psyche, a psyche without
radiance, the "dark night of the soul." We call 
the Devil, the Prince of
Darkness, and we think of Hell as a place where 
the Light of God does
not reach. 

Is the perception of white as an integration, or 
a completion, and black
as an absence, therefore, limited in accuracy or 
applicability to the
physical phenomena of white light and blackness? 
No, language,
mythology, religious and science each recognize 
white, a reflection of
integration, or wholeness, or completion, and 
black, a reflection of the
absence of this. 
Try wearing a different colour each day, remember 
what each colour
stands for and see what happens! 
Red - Health, vigour, sexual love, danger, 
charity, increases your
connection to the earth and gives strength to the 
basic life-force urges
such as the will to live in the physical world. 
Charges, protects,
shields, good for all organs in the first chakra 

Maroon - Brings passion and will together. 

Rose - Brings strong active love for others, 
helps you love. Very
healing for heart and lung problems. 

Pink -  Brings soft yielding love for others. 

Peach - Brings soft, yielding, expanding light 

Orange - Encouragement, adaptability, 
stimulation, attraction, plenty,
kindness, charges your sexual energy and enhances 
the immune system.
Good for all organs in the second chakra region. 
Increases your

Yellow - Persuasion, charm, confidence, jealousy, 
joy, comfort, Gives
more mental clarity, a sense of appropriateness.  
Good for all organs in
the third chakra region. Clears the mind. 

Green - Finance, fertility, luck, energy, 
charity, growth, Brings
balance and a feeling of fullness: I'm OK, you're 
OK, and the world is
OK. Good for all organs connected to the fourth 
chakra, like the heart
and lungs. 

Blue - Tranquillity, understanding, patience, 
health, truth, devotion,
sincerity, Brings peace, truth, and quiet order.  
Helps you speak the
truth, increases sensitivity, strengthens the 
inner teacher. Good for
all organs in the fifth chakra area, like the 
thyroid. Used to cauterize
wounds in spiritual surgery. 

Dark Blue - Brings a strong sense of purpose. 

Indigo - Changeability, impulsiveness, 
depression, ambition, dignity,
Opens spiritual perception, brings the feelings 
of ecstasy. Helps you
connect to the deeper mystery of spiritual life. 
Good for any organ near
the sixth chakra. 

Purple - Helps you integrate and move into 
spirituality, brings a sense
of royalty. Helps increase a sense of leadership 
and respect. 

Lavender - Brings a light-hearted attitude toward 
life. Clears and
purges invading microorganisms, brings a feeling 
of lightness. 

White - Helps you connect to your purity and 
expands your field. Brings
spiritual expansion and connection to others on 
the spiritual level;
gives outward flow of energy. Reduces pain. Good 
for the brain. 

Gold - Enhances the higher mind, understanding 
the perfect pattern,
brings a sense of great power. Helps you connect 
to God and to the
spiritual strength in you. Strengthens any part 
of the body. 

Silver - Very strong purging of microorganisms, 
used directly after
lavender in cleaning out debris. Helps you move 
faster and communicate
better. Used to cauterize in spiritual surgery. 

Platinum - Clears and purges invading 
microorganisms, even stronger than
silver light. 

Brown - Enhances a rich connection to the earth 
and grounding. 

Black - Helps you draw within and stay centred. 
Brings complete peace.
If you use it well, it will help you enter into 
deep internal creative
forces. Brings you into the void, the source of 
teaming unmanifest,
waiting to be born into manifestation. Brings you 
into Grace. Good to
help deal with death. Good to heal bones. 
Sources:  Light Emerging by Barbara Ann Brennan 
and Practical Colour
Majick by Raymond Buckland