Yule Activities

As many of you may or may not know, Yule has become a very Christianized time of year. The Yule tree, Yule log, and the birth and an infant are all "borrowed" from Paganism although most Christians won't admit it! As you will see, most of the activities I will list here are turned around and used by the Christians.

-Decorate a yule tree. For ornaments use natural items such as pine cones, acrons, string popcorn or berries, or suns and cresent moons.

-String popcorn or cranberries for outdoor trees.

-Decorate pine cones with glue and glitter as symbols of the fairies and put them on the Yule tree.

-Hang little bells on the Yule tree to call good spirits.

-Remove the caps from acrons, insert the middle of a long string, glue the cap back on, and, after it has dried, hang on the Yule tree.

-For prosperity in the coming year, burn Ash Wood.

-For Yule Blessings:
Hang a Yule wreath on the front door, yhang mistletoe indoors, make food and clothing donations, place bird seed outdoors for the birds that stay near your home ion the winter, ring bells on the Solctice morning to greet it, and perform magick for a peaceful planet.

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