Samhain Rituals

This first one is from the book The Sabbats by Edain McCoy.

For this ritual you will need to have on hand photos of your deceasesd loved ones or items of theirs if possible. Also and unlit candle, matches, and if you wish to do divinations or spirit contact after the ritual, you'll need those items on hand also.

When you are ready too begin you should cast your circle as usual and invite your deities. Say:
Blessed be the season of Samhain.
The time of the wise Crone Goddess.
The night of the death of the God.
The night to celebrate the nearness
of the spirit world.

Spend a few moments standing quietly inside your circle allowing your thoughts to dwell on the meaning of this SAbbat. Move to the photos or items of your passed over loved ones and stand before them. Say:
Dearest loved ones, tonight the passing of our God makes a veil which separates us thin. Come now to my circleside and join the celebration.

Light the remaining candle on your altar to light the way for the spirits. Spend a few moments sensing their presence. Now address each one individually. say things to them you wish to say, and then fall silent to try to feel their response.

When you feel the time is right, take up both the God and Goddess candles. Say:
Tonight the Goddess and God belong to separate worlds, divided by the thin veil which separates the world of the living from the land of the dead.

Blow out the God candle to signify his death, and replace both candles on the altar as far apart as possible. Say:
Blessed be the Crone Goddess,
sorrowfulin her mourning,
Blessed be the Aged God,
beloved of the Summerland.

Now you may do what ever other working you'd like. Close the circle however you wish.

Samhain #2

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