Ostara Ritual

-Decorate the altar with fresh flowers. Set up the altar with your usual tools and include a potted plant, and the cauldron with water and flowers. Light the candles and the incense. Cast your circle. After invoking the Gods, kneel before the altar, facing east and gaze at the plant. Recognize it not only as a plant but as a symbol of the awakening Earth. Say:
Blessed is the Goddess, our Mother, our provider. Now the dark days of winter have passed and the world grows greener again. As life awakens from its slumber and is renewed by the power of the God and Goddess, we thank them for all we have recieved from them.

-Touch the plant to connect with its energies; feel its life. When ready, say:
This plant is representative of awakening of life after its long winter slumber. May I learn to be kind to all creatures, great and small, and may I bear in my heart a warmth and understanding of all living things. mother Goddess, Father God, teach me to revere the Earth and all its treasures always.

-Plan ahead magick and seasonal activites, like decorating eggs. Hold a simple feast and close the circle when ready.

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