Mabon Rituals

This first ritual is from The Sabbats by Edain McCoy

For this ritual you will need an apple and a chalice of wine or juice. Grape or apple juices are excellent choices if you cannot drink alcohol. If it is at all possible, this ritual should take place in a secludded cemetery. If this isn't possible, you should try to visit a cemetery where your loved ones are buried and leave apples to wish them a quick rebirth.

When you are ready to begin, cast your circle, and invite your deities.

Say:Blessed be this season of Mabon, time of the second harvest, the harvest of fruit and wine. Tonight all things are in balance: Goddess and God, Life and Death, Light and Dark. Tonight the darkness will conquer the light, leading us deeper into the waning year.

If you are not at the cemetery of your loved ones, visualize if you can their resting places. Take the apple and hold it in front of you at heart level. Say:
Ancient symbol of life, death and rebirth, take away my mourning. Help me to be assured that death is not a permanent parting, but a new and joyful beginning.

If you are in the cemetery place the apple in front of the grave of a loved one. The apple symbolizes reincarnation. If you aren't at the cemetery you should save the apple to bury in the Earth later to symbolize your hope for rebirth to all life. With the somber part of the ritual over now, you should turn yourself to gladness and honor the God of wine and the aging Crone Goddess. Take the chalice of wine and hold it upward. Say:
Blessed Crone, thank you for bringing me safely to this season. God of wine, thank you foir your gift of the grape.

Now you can make a toast to whomever or what ever you like. Make as many as you toasts as you want and make them as silly as you want!!

When you are finished, say:
Blessed be Mabon, season of bounty.

NOw spend some time in your circle meditating or communing with the spirits that may surround you. Then close the circle however you wish.

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