Activities for Mabon

You can make this day your Thanksgiving day. If your Solitary, have a small feast of your own or invitie a group of Pagan friends or friends who know you are Pagan over. Avoid asking for favors from your deities at this time.

Here is a sample of a prayer you can say:

Bountiful Mother Earth, whose dark
womb has brought forth this munificence
we/I see before us/me, we/I humbly thank you
for your gift of sustenance which
nourishes our bodies and minds.
Lord of the Harvest, wise and giving,
we/I praise your generosity in providing
this feast which gives us/me strength and endurance.
Lord and Lady, our/my blessings this year
have been many. We/I thank you for...

(Add Here your thanks to them. If A group, eveyone can take turns!)
...And for all these blessings and gifts
which in the hustle and bustle
of daily living we/I may have overlooked and taken
for granted, we/I most gratefully thank you now.
Blessed Lord and Lady, mighty and
powerful, tender and charitable, forever
may your praise be sung by your adoring and thankful children.
So mote it be!!!

From The Sabbats by Edain McCoy

Another popular thing to do is hang dried ears of corn on the front door, doorposts, or outside light fixtures.

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