Litha Activities

-Make a pouch for psychic dreams (mugwort and bay leaves in a cloth of lavendar, blue or yellow sewn together with read thread). Place it under your pillow to sleep on it.

-Soak thyme in olive oil, then lightly anoint your eyelids too see the Fairy Folk at night.

-Make walking sticks or stangs.

-Make dream pillows for yourself and other family members and friends.

                The following comes from "Green Witchcraft" by Aumiel 

                Litha Activities 

                *Tie a sprig of rowan, a sprig of rue, and three flowers of St. 
                John's Wort with red thread and hang over the door. 

                *Make amulets (simple charms) of protection out of herbs such as rue 
                and rowan.  If you make new amulets each year, you can dispose of 
                the old in the midsummer fire, but we like to simply recharge the 
                old one for another year until it starts to deteriorate, then burn 

                *Create a pouch for psychic dreams (mugwort and bay leaves in a 
                cloth of lavendar, blue, or yellow and sewn with red thread) and 
                place under your pillow. 

                *Make a Solar Wheel as a terrific family project - everyone can make 
                one for their bedroom.  Wind palm or grape vine into a circle, 
                twisting as you go.  Cut two short lengths of stem to be just a bit 
                larger than the diameter of the circle and place one across the back 
                horizontally and the other vertically crossing in back of the 
                horizontal one and coming forward to the front of the circle to 
                secure both, then adorn with symbols of the elementals (stone, 
                feather, ashes in a pouch or a small candle, and a shell) and 
                festoon with yellow ribbons.. Hang in a tree outside or indoors as a 
                reminder of the God's protection. 

                *Make a Witch's Ladder (another fun family project) using three 
                colored yarns (red, black, and white for the Triple Goddess) braided 
                together to be three feet long.  Add nine feathers all the same 
                color for a specific charm, tie ends and hang up.  Colors are red 
                for vitality, blue for peace and protection, yellow for alertness 
                and cheer, green for prosperity, brown for stability, black for 
                wisdom, black and white for balance, patterend for clairvoyance, and 
                iridescent for insight. 

                *You can burn the old Yule wreath in the Litha fire. 

                *Make a rue protection pouch out of white cotton.  Add two or three 
                sprigs of rue, bits of whole grain wheat bread, a pinch of salt, and 
                two star anise seeds and hang indoors (can do one for each bedroom). 

                *Tie vervain, rosemary, and hyssop with white thread and dip the 
                tips into a bowl of spring water (you can buy bottled spring water 
                in grocery stores) and sprinkle the water about the house to chase 
                out negativity, or sprinkle your tools to cleanse and purify. 

                *Gather herbs like St. John's Wort, vervain and yarrow. 

                *Soak thyme in olive oil, then lightly anoint your eyelids to see 
                the fairy folk at night. 

                *Tie a bunch of fennel with red ribbons and hang over the door for 
                long life and the protection of the home. 

                *Look for the fairy folk under an elder tree, but don't eat their 
                food or you'll have to remain with them for seven years (which I 
                suppose would be a lot of fun unless you have other plans!). 

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