Imbolc Ritual #1

You will need: Your witches broom, juice or wine in your chalice, 3 red candles, and a purification incense, and your bell

-Cast your circle.

-Ring the bell 3times. Say:
Now our Lord has reached the zenith of his journey. Now does he turn to face the Lady. Though they are apart, they are one. The are both the shadow and the light.

-Light the 3 red candles and set the incense burning. Say:
The Lady is come, and we welcome Her. The creatures of the wild know She is near, for the world shall soon feel life. The season is harsh; the winter King rules at this bitter time...and this is foreordainsed. But now she shall return, and life comes again, forest and field awakening in virgin purity.

-Take your broom, sweep the area around the altar and mentally or out loud state negative things you want out of your life.

-Place the broom next to the altar. Stand before the altar, hold your hands over the candle flames ( not so you burn yourself but so you can feel the heat from them) and say:
O depths of my soul, may I be purified. O Threefold Goddess, place your warmth about me!

-Take the chalice of juice and place it on your pentagram if you have one and say:
May this juice of the season to come be given the powers of the Lady, new and fresh and joyous, that we may all gain of these strengths as I drink, and be blessed. So be it!

-Take a drink and say:
I drink in honor of our Ancient Gods, to our lovely Goddess, and to the coming seasons of warmth and of love.

After this, kneel before the altar, raise your arms and say:
O Goddess, O God of the ancient ways, spread your blessings far and wide! And that the world may thus be led back to the ways of peace and joy!

Extinguish all the candles. Close the Circle. If any juice is left, pour it on the ground outside as a libation to the Gods.

Imbolc Ritual #2

Book Of Shadows