Beltane Ritual

-Cast the Circle

-Call the Watchtowers as follows:
East: Soft Spring Breeze blow now forth. Greetings unto thee. In the name of the Spring Maiden, I call your presance, Blessed Be!
South: Fiery Beltane fires come forth. Greetings unto thee. In the name of the Spring Maiden, I call your presance, Blessed Be!
West: Cool waters of stream, lake and sea , Greetings to you. In the name of the Maiden of Spring, I call your presance, Blessed Be!
North: earth of green and flowers wild. Greetings unto you. in the name of the Spring Maiden I call your presance, Blessed Be!

-Return to the altar. Replace the athame. Light your chosen incense. the the Goddess candle and invoke Her:
Lovely Maiden, Mother, Wise one,
Threefold Goddess be
A flame within my hearts tonight
That grows in energy.
Thy priestess/preist seeks thee.
Fill me now, will all thy magick light.
Come, my Queen, to the Beltane rite
Come share my joy tonight.

-Light the God candle. Invoke Him:
Young Sun King, Horned One, Stag,
Spirit wild and free
Come dance with the Maiden of Spring.
Come forth we welcome thee!
Thy priestess/priest waits for thee!
Fill me now, with all thy magickal light.
Come Young King, to our Beltane rite
Come share my joy this night.

-Milk juice, or spring water should be placed in a goblet. Pour some in an offering bowl or on the ground ( if out doors). Take a sip and say:
The Goddess of Spring walks through the land with the God of the forest and the dark time of winter is behind Them.

-Ring the bell 7 times or tap the altar 7 times with your athame and say:
The animals breed and the plants pollinate as the May Queen and Greenman bestow their blessings upon the Earth's creatures. I (or we), who am (are) their child(ren) rejoice with them and ask that their happy union become the example for all humanity to live in love and harmony.

-Place a dark green camdle in your cauldron or middle of the altar. Light it and say:
The dark days are cleared away that the May day can now begin.

Symbolic Great Rite/Ceremony of Cakes and Wine

-Ring the bell 3 times or tap the altar 3 times with the athame. Spread your feet and raise your arms to the sky. Say:
I acknowledge my needs and offer my appreciation to that which sustains me! May I ever remember the blessings of my Lord and Lady.

-Place your feet together now. Take up the 2nd goblet filled with chosen liquid in your left hand and your athame in your right hand. Slowly lower the point into the goblet and say:
As male joins female for the benefit of both, let fruits of their union promote life. Let the Earth be fruitful and let Her wealth be spread throughout the lands.

-Lay down the athame and drink from the goblet. Replace the goblet and pick up the athame. Touch it to the chosen food and say:
This food is the blessings of the Lord and Lady given freely to me. As freely as I have received, may I also give food for the body, mind and spirit to those who seek such from me.
Eat the food and finish the drink in the goblet and say:
As I enjoy these gifts of the God and Goddess, may I remember that without them I have nothing. So mote it be!

-Close the circle.

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