Ok by popular demand, here is a page about me. *smile*

I am a Capricorn born January 17th, 1974 with a moon sign of Scorpio and a Scorpio rising. I live in Ohio.

I grew up in the country about 30 minutes from downtown Cincinnati. I had a backyard the size of a soccer field and acres and acres of forests and farmland to roam. I knew at a young age I belong to a female God. I used to roll my eyes at my Catholic Grandmother when she called God a He. I was always close to nature. Nature was my refuge when my arguing parents became to much for me to handle.

I started attending church at 11 and was kicked out of Sunday school when I was 13 and was later banished to the adult sanctuary. I asked to many quesions according to the teacher. I discovered Paganism and Wicca at 16 on accident. In English class we were study Mythology. As I flipped through my text book, i came across a painting that looked like someone I was dreaming about. I stayed after class to ask the teacher who worshipped these Gods. He quickly told me Pagans do, smiled and left the room.

I grew up with alcoholic parents who were absuive to me and each other. I am the eldest of 3 kids. I have a younger brother and a younger sister who passed into the summerland to soon after being on the Earthly plain for 2 days. Most of my childhood was spent by myself, cleaning the house, taking care of my kid brother, and being the punching bag of my mother when no one could satisfy her. (I have scars on my face as a daily reminder).

I used to force myself to go to sleep when my parents would fight or when the pain from my mother was to great to bare. I dreamt of a beautiful woman who would call me her daughter and she would tell me when things got to hard to handle, to think of her and she would make things alright. While studying Mythology in the 9th grade, I came across a painting of Diana. I almost fell out of my chair! This was the lady I dreamt of! I stayed after class and asked the teacher if these were Gods and Goddesses, who worshipped these Gods. The teacher said Pagans do. (Now looking back, I think he was Pagan *smile*) I ran to the library and here I am today. A child of the Goddess and God. Thus began my search. But this was back in 1989 so there was little information available like there is now. I am sometimes envious of the beginners now a days at all the information at there fingertips and my struggle and work to find out things for myself.

I was given my craft name during a meditation in 1994. It changed at Ostara of 1997 to Raven Silverwing.

In 1995, I seriously began studying and practicing Paganism before I got married the first time.

I have found over the years of being Pagan, the Gods work in mysterious ways. I have been faced with many challenges and life lessons. I have went through a 2 hard divorces, domestic violence, and numerous other negative things before I found happiness in having 2 children and in 2002, finding what love was meant to be with my husband Chuck. I thank the Gods for the wisdom I have gained through my experiences. The Gods have taught me you can't live your life looking ahead. You can only live for today and look back to learn from your lessons and mistakes.
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