Homemade Paper


Heavy duty blender
news paper
assorted paper reminents (old copies,printouts, colored paper, etc.)
dryer lint
window screen
screws (for building frams)
Fabric Dye
Coverable buckets (preferable old 5 gal buckets with lids)
assorted sponges
blankets (old Army issue blankets work best)
coffee cups
water (lots of it, best if done out side but over the kitchen sink works 
just as well if you are careful)


Cut 2X4's into assorted lengths to build frames for the window screen to be 
attached to. These will determine the size of your sheets of paper. Cut old 
Army blankets in to manageable sizes. The bigger the better.

Cut up old paper and pull apart dryer lint. This you will add to water in 
the blender on a setting that will chop and then purrie the mixture. add 
water and paper until you have a good light mush. I MEAN A GOOD MUSH!! Kinda 
must have the consistancy of slime.

At this point you can place the mush water and all in a bucket with bleach 
if you want white paper or color it as you wish to.
You will need to follow any dying directions as nessessary.

Ok now that your ready here is what ya do.

Blend any paper you want to make in the blender until you have a paper 
slime. Now you can add dryer lint to make a rag paper, but do not try to 
make a pure rag paper as it will not hold together very well. Your ratio 
should be 2:1 for paper to lint and 2:1 for paper to water. You may add 
leaves and such after you are finished blending.

Using a coffee cup scoop out mush and gently pour it out on to the window 
screen (that you have made a frame for and properly attached)
creating a complete coverage of the screen. You may need to make more mush 
as needed to cover all of the creen depending on the size you have built.

Once you have completely covered the screen GENTLY press the remaining water 
from the form with a sponge. Once you have pressed all the water out pick up 
the screen form and move it over to your drying area.


Be sure you have a place that is large enough to accomidate the amount of 
paper you are wanting to make and in a place where you can let dry for a few 
days left alone.

The freshly pressed mush is now ready to be flipped out onto the Army 
blankets. Be sure that every thing is flat and if nessessary very carefully 
unfold and mistakes as soon as they happen once they dry they are stuck that 

REMEMBER..... if you goof up anything or make something your not happy with 
you can always tear it up and toss it back in the blender.


A fun project for you and the kiddies if you are careful with the bleach and 
dye. PARENT supervision is still needed for the blender and sissors though.

Let the paper dry for a couple of days or until completly dry.

This is one of those projects that you can spend all day on and have enough 
materials to once finished to last you for quiet a while.

Dryer lint and old pare are always in abundancy in most homes...
but if you don't have enough don't be ashamed of raiding you neighbors for 
their old newspapers and the local laundry mat for the dryer lint.