Making A Dreampillow

by Raven Silverwing

I don't use really fancy material as these are meant to be in your pillowcase so you won't be looking at them much.
The size of the material all depends on how big you
want the pillow to be and how much herb you want to use.
In the case of dream pillows, more herbs doesn't
mean the pillow will work better. I make mine about 3
to 4 inches long and 6 to 7 inches wide. Sew all sides
and leave about an 1 1/2 to 2 inches open in the
material. I like to turn this inside out so the seam is
on the inside. I put a funnel in the hole so it is easier
to get the herbs inside the bag. Then I sew the
hole shut. If you charge the herbs before you put
them into the bag, you are done and can put them into
your pillowcase for use. Now how long a dream pillow
lasts is somemtimes debatable. I say they are good
for 2 moon cycles some people saya 6 months...I just
go by what i was taught by my grandmother. After
you have aded the herbs and sewed it shut put it in
your pillowcase where you will be able to inhale the
scent while you fall asleep.

Charging Herbs -------------- This is how I charge the herbs for use. Charging, for
people not familiar with the term is like...sending a jolt of
your personal "electricity" to wake the herbs up. What I
do is put my hands into the herb mixture. Please try not
to use a metal bowl when mixing herbs. It can mess
the energy up. Then with both hands in the mixture I
close my eyes and envision what I want the herbs to do.
I do this for about a minute or 2 then Ipush my thoughts
from my head thru my fingers, into the herbs. I don't
say anything out loud. Your herbs are ready for use now.

Herb Properties --------------- Here are some herbs I use frequently and there uses:

*Anti-Nightmare* Anise - alone or with other herbs Basil Betony - aalone or with other herbs Dill Rosemary Hyancinth

*Healing* Eucalyptus - my personal favorite Mint Lavendar Rosemary Dandelion St. John's Wort

*Induce Sleep/Relaxation* Hops Lavendar Heather Jasmine Celery Seeds Vervain Catnip Woodruff Passionflower Marjoram

*Prophetic Dreams* Mugwort Wormwood Bay Pinch of Cinnamon - Just a pinch because this can irritate your skin! Eyebright lovage Calendula/Marigold

If you want to have dreams about departed loved ones,
use a pillow full of cowslip

Recipes -------

You can experiment with what works for you. That is how
I created my personal recipes. And the amounts say parts.
This means if you use 2 tablespoons of one herb use 1 tablespoon of
the other.

-Healing 2 parts Eucalyptus 1 part mint 1 part St John's Wort

Equal parts: lavendar rosemary mint

1 part dandelion 1 part mint 2 parts St. John's Wort

-Insomnia 1 part hops 2 parts Celery Seeds 1 part marjoram 2 parts Lavendar

-Anti-Nightmare Equal parts: Basil Dill Hyancinth 2 parts Betony

-Help Relax Equal Parts: Lavendar Heather Passionflower catnip

-Psychic Dreams 2 parts Mugwort 2 parts Eyebright 1 part Lovage 1 part Wormwood

Pinch of cinnamon Equal parts: Eyebright Mugwort Bay -----------------------

Now if anybody still thinks they can't make dream
pillows but really really wants to try to use one, e-mail
me and I will make one for only the cost of materials.