Making a Dreamcatcher

Materials :
    Brass(metal) Ring
    Any lacing, or ribbon
    waxed linen thread
    any small beads colours - any you like
    feathers - any

    Wrap lacing or ribbon around the ring to cover completely, and     tie off, leaving a long enough piece to use as a hanger.     Take a piece of waxed linen thread, and tie it near the top of      the ring, next to the hanger.  Loop the thread and tie off, to      make seven points around the outside of the ring, keeping     thread taut, and ending off where you started.      From this point, loop the thread through the threads, around      and around the circle of the ring, making a spiderweb pattern...
      Small, clear, or irridescent beads may be added to give the      appearance of dew-drops...

      On reaching the center of the ring, where you can go no       further, tie off the thread.     At this point, there are two choices for the finished peice

      #1 string 4 beads on a feather, and tie the feather to the      center of the dreamcatcher or...

    #2 cut 3 or 4 strips of lacing of equal length, make a small slit      in one end of each, and place evenly along the bottom side of      piece by looping through the ring, and threading end through      slit, then pulling tightly.   String 4 beads on end of each piece      of hanging lacing, tie a knot in the end of the lacing, and slide a      feather shaft into the beads (glue may be used sparingly to     ensure it holds)  

*notes:     willow wand can be used in place of metal ring, but should not be     wrapped -  should be long enough to make a circle of at least     3-4 inches in diameter, may be as large as you feel comfortable     with - metal ring - min 3-4 inches in diameter, as above     lacing - leather is prefered, natural colour for traditional, but      any colour that you like is fine      beads - size should be proportionate to the size of the ring         colours - traditional colours are blue, red, white, and black          or brown, and alternated, but any are acceptable      feathers - length of feathers should be no more than the     diameter of the ring         colours - natural colours for a more traditional look, but any         are acceptable