A Paper Maiche Bowl

1/2 cup flour
1/2 cup water
Newspaper or grocery bag strips (1 inch by 3 inches)
Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline)
A Bowl of the sze you want to copy
Acrylic paints
Acrylic gloss finish *optional*
1. Make the strips of paper.
2. Take a small, rounded bowl, set upside down, and cover it with petroleum jelly. *I tried this once with Crisco but the papier mache stuck to the bowl and I had a hum of a time getting it off there.
3. Mix equal parts of flour and water. A half cup of each is enough for two small bowls.
4. Dip each strip into the paste and apply the first layer of strips vertically , covering the bowls surface. Don't worry about it being uneven or jagged. It can be easily trimmed with scissors after it is dried. Apply the second layer of strips horizontally and so on until you have 5 layers.
5. Allow to dry. This takes about one full day.
6. Seperate the papier-mache from the bowl. Use the tip of a butter knife to seperate the two. If the inside is not completely dry, allow to dry for another day.
7. Once completely dry, trim the edges with scissors.
8. Paint with acrylics. Add symbols or sponge. Use your imagination!
9. Allow to dry and then cover with the acrylic gloss finish *optional*.

- This bowl you've created can be used on your altar to hold herbs, potpourri or shell/stones, whatever you want! It can be gently wiped out but don't wash it with water.