How to Live A Magickal Life

Wicca is not only a religion; it's also a lifestyle. Some of the simplest acts can be a ritual to honor the Gods. It may be difficult to find the spiritual nature in your everyday life. One thing is to try to look at the positive side of things. This can really help!

Instead of saying "I hate this job!", say something like "This job may really be bad but it pays the bills, buys me food, or buys me nice cloths." So the solutions doesn't have to be doing more rituals. Just changing the way you view the world can be a spiritualy moving experience! Applying Wiccan principles to our everyday lives is a way to bring our religion to our life.

Try to take at least 5 minutes a day to have sacred time for yourself. The following is a list of my suggestions:

See how simple it can be? Of course, when you rearrange your thinking patterns, this list can be expanded!

If you have any suggestions for this list, please e-mail them to me!.

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