*~Spell to banish Negativity~*
                An excellent spell is to simply to
                take a hot bath and delicately 
                place an 
                egg in the tub with you. Be careful
                not to break it, just let it 
                gently float 
                around in the tub with you and banish
                your negative energy, whether 
                it be 
                When you exit the tub allow 
                water to drain before removing the

                *~Spell to ward off the Boogeyman~*
                To ward off evil spirits or dreams, place a bowl of fresh spring 
                water on the 
                bedstand.Slowly add a pinch of sea salt and say "Evil spirits touch 
                me not 
                nor mine.Thy power I drain into this brine." You must use three 
                pinches of 
                salt in total and repeat the verse as you add each pinch of salt. In 
                morning empty the bowl down the toilet or sink. Repeat as often as 

                *~Apple Love Spell~*
                Cut and apple in half. Offer half to your desired. If he or she 
                accepts the 
                apple and eats it, he or she will be yours.
                Another is .. Simply twist the stem of an apple, on each rotation 
                call out a 
                letter of the alphabet. Begin with A. The letter you call as the stem 
                apart from the apple will be the initial of your true love.

                *~Spell to Eliminate Poverty~*
                Based on a new Orleans voodoo formula, this spell will insure that 
                you always 
                have the staples in life. Fill a bowl with equal parts sugar, salt, 
                and rice. Place 
                an open safety pin in it's center. Keep the bowl out in the open to 

                *~Spell for Prophetic Dreams~*
                Poppy is used to induce trances or sleep and to reveal information 
                while in a 
                dream state. Bagles with their round shape and hole in the center 
                the moon or feminine intuition. Place a poppy seed bagel under your 
                pillow at 
                night. Take a bite first thing in the morning to remember your dream.

                Burn a white candle at all times!

                This is so calming and it does more
                for you and your home than you'll
                ever realize. Burning this white
                candle in your home brings good luck
                and helps prevent negative energies
                from accumulating there.

                To end your anger

                Add one peppermint teabag to one cup
                of boiling water.
                Let the tea steep for a few minutes
                and inhale the steam as the tea
                Sweeten with honey, and repeat the following over the tea:

                "Cool my anger, herb of mint.
                Honey, sweeten my intent.
                My attitude, I ask you, change.
                Send heat of temper out of range."

                Drink the tea and feel your anger evaporate.

                Opal Beauty Spell

                Empower an opal by repeating the following:

                "Inner splendor, shine right through,
                Radiate my beauty, true."

                Rub the stone over your body every day for six days,
                then carry the stone with you.

                To Promote Self Confidence

                Hematite will do the trick.Carry a piece of this in your pocket or purse,
                handle it any time you feel down on yourself.
                This stone promotes courage and can be quite powerful if used correctly!

                To Improve Psychic Abilities -

                Try sipping a cup of hazelnut coffee before you begin anything.
                As we all know, hazel is a wonderful wood for making wands. The nuts are
                to gain wisdom. (And a little bit o coffee never hurts when you're up for
                prolonged periods of time.)

                Removal of Negative Energies -

                I am a big promoter of meditations and using visualization. This next item
                is to help
                you rid yourself of other peoples negative energies that might have rubbed
                off on you. Visualize a tiny hole in the
                small of your back. Move the negative energy down
                toward the hole and let it drain out into the Earth. Continue to do this
                until you feel
                it all drain out. Close the hole and embrace yourself. Visualize white light
                all through your body. Wonderful!

                To Stop Diarrhea -

                I know. This isn't the funnest thing to read about. But we all have had this
                one time or another. My method is learned from a wonderful friend and it is
                very simple. Get some C&H brown sugar.
                Take 3-4 teaspoons of this about three times a day
                for two days. Then, for the next 2-3 days, take 1-2 teaspoons 3 times a day.
                That's it! Trust me! It really works!

                Black Opal Charm

                The black opal is widely known as the "Witches Stone" and is prized for its
                enhancing properties. To increase your magickal power, charge the stone
                with the following chant and place it on your altar.

                "Opal black, of burning fire
                Add the power that's required
                To make my magic hit its mark,
                By light of day, or night so dark."

                To Help You Meditate -

                Hold an amethyst and citrine while meditating. These stones help you become
                from the physical boundaries and inhibitions that can hinder your trip to
                the astral

                To Return from The Astral Plane

                Eat a spoonful of honey when finished on the other side.

                To Attract Money

                Aha! Got your attention!

                Take honeysuckle and put in a ring formation around green candles.

                Protection of Home

                Hang periwinkle up on your door to help protect all those within your home.

                Gaze at the periwinkle to help restore lost memory.


                3 Red floating candles
                Rose or other love incense
                The odd red candle

                This spell is done on the three nights
                running up to and including to middle
                day of the full moon and if at all
                possible it should be done during the
                planetary hour of Venus.

                Start by running yourself a nice warm
                bath as it is running light the red
                non-floating candles and place them
                around the room. Light the incense
                the lights out and get in the bath once ready. Now light the candles and let
                them float around the bath.

                If you are able cast a circle around the bath, this helps to keep the energy
                in but it will work with out it.

                As the candles float around the bath watch the flames mingle together in a
                red haze. Feel the flames energy wash through the water and feel it enter
                your body.

                Visualise your perfect partner/loads of friends - see yourself being really
                happy. As the fire's power passes into you chant:

                Flame of love burn so bright
                Grant my spell I cast tonight

                Now relax in the bath and when you are ready get out and let yourself dry

                Repeat two more times using the same floating candles.
                And on the third night bury the floating candles in the garden and say:

                In the ground this love I sow
                Allow this wondrous love to grow
                Light a candle on each point of a
                witches star. 
                Hold your most powerful amulet or
                stone. While rubbing it focus and 
                "Take his /her troubles away and onto
                me." Chant while thinking of 
                the person 
                with your eyes closed and seeing
                they're trouble go away feel the 
                warmth of 
                the stone as it starts to work.
                Warning if someone has done something 
                terribly bad the effect on you may not be good your taking some of 
                negative energy on yourself in order to help. 

                Make sure you'll be alone for a while. Good to listen to nature sound 
                and meditate to relax and try drinking chamile tea. Light a white 
                candle and 
                choose a stone such as amethodist or topaz or something your drawn 
                to. Hold 
                the ring and chant "When times are bad and spirits low, let me look 
                upon this 
                charm and feel the peace I'm in right now" Chant for awhile then 
                snuff out 
                the candle. Make sure you were relaxed when you started chanting you 
                may have 
                to go threw photos that made you happy before hand. 

                BEAUTY SPELL ( SELF ESTEEM )- 
                Get some lilac or roses and pull off petals and drop into water 
                (rainwater if 
                possible) chant "water that falls from the sky above, flowers that 
                grow from 
                the earth below bring your beauty upon me" Chant till flowers are all 
                in the 
                water do everyday till you feel prettier. Splash your face with the 
                also when you are done. 

                STRENGTH/ENERGY SPELL- 
                Draw a witches star in dirt place a small candle on each tip. Chant 
                over the 
                star while sprinkling any energy powder such as gensing. Chant "Fire, 
                Earth, and Air lend me your strength/energy for the days to come. 
                Chant until 
                you feel is enough and take a gensing pill every day you need it 
                check with 
                your doctor of course. 

                RID NEGATIVE ENERGY- 
                Use a candle either black or white chant "Mother nature here my plea 
                away my negative energy. Bring me thoughts of peace and harmony" 
                After chanting awhile sit in comfortable position and concentrate on 
                breathing. While picturing something beautiful & secluded. Think 
                (breathe in 
                the good) when you breathe in and, (breathe out the bad)when you 
                breathe out. 
                Do this until you feel better. 

                CONTROL LITTLE THINGS- 
                Keep a charm or necklace with you at all times and when something is 
                irritating rub your charm while comanding in your head for that thing 
                stop. Rub until you feel it's power while in your head chant what you 
                till inside your yelling the comand untill it stops. 

                Place any stones or jewelry into center of witchstar with candles on 
                Chant what you want charm for. EX: "Bring me the power to control my 
                then wear to interviews you want or when you want certain choices to 
                be made 
                so you can have better future. You can change the part about future 
                and put 
                in your own word. 

                FIND THE RIGHT PATH- 
                Use two tarot cards The Fool and The World place a white candle in a 
                witchstar light candle and shuffle cards asking a yes or no question 
                The Fool 
                represents more of a no while The World represents a yes REmember in 
                desisions do what feels right before anything else Tarot cards are 
                just to 

                TO FIND A COMPATIBLE LOVER- 
                wear a ring with amethyst, aquamarine, and topaz stones: Chant-
                "Bring me 
                true love, bring me long love, bring me the love of my dreams". The 
                ring will 
                tighten when a suitable man approaches speak to him. 

                HOW TO GET HIM: 
                put the guys hanky in a box with a wedding cake slice. say"New love, 
                love, be mine till the end of time." then sleep on it. 

                TO GAIN ATTENTION OF A LOVER- 
                scrape dirt off their shoes put it in a locket. Chant-"Come to me 
                (name), not 
                away from me, paths cross to me and home." 

                Wear a tourmaline when out in the world; When a protective man 
                you, the stone will glow with bright color. When that happens, don't 
                to be very feminine and flirt with him, and listen to his opinions 

                wear a gold ring, set with a rose quartz, on each hand (ring fingers) 
                and you 
                will be in agood position to attract the lover you want. Be very 
                about whom you finger however 

                Ease heartbreak: 
                Make a tea of rosemary and sassafras and before drinking it, envision 
                yourself and chant: " Healing potion make me whole, take the pain and 
                the pain." 

                To get people to tell you the truth on the phone: 
                Place a piece of black granite with a five pointed star etched on it 
                by the 
                telephone. Chant over it: " Truth tell me, or star fell thee. 

                To help heal others(headache or pains): 
                Put hand on the spot where headache is and generate a powerful 
                feeling of 
                love from your heart move down to your arm use minds eye to direct 

                Holiday Depression: 
                Over the the star (or important holiday figure) that sits 
                chant: "watch over 
                me and keep my spirits high. 

                Getting or ridding what you do or don't need 
                How to get rid of him: 
                Take a penny from him and a lock of his hair put them in a sock and 
                bury it 
                in the garden outside your bedroom window. Chant: "Break the spell I 
                set on 
                thee, cursed be, away from me." 

                Rid jealousy: 
                Holding a piece of jade chant: "Green green, jealousy's dragon, hie 
                thee away 
                from me, flee from me to your lair, leave me, my body, and my soul in 
                peace you found me." 

                Overcome shyness: 
                Have a cat's eye stone set in a silver star and wear it on a chain. 
                When shy 
                chantto yourself: "Make me relaxed and able to think;away confusion" 

                To keep from getting pregnant: 
                Take a long white cloth and knot it in four places. As you tie each 
                chant: "No child by me". Put the cloth in the bed during sexual 

                Get a phone call: 
                Take a piece of parchment paper inscribe name in a circle twice so 
                that the 
                letters meet end to end concentrate on the persons face and desire 
                they call. 
                then take a needle and put it through the paper in the center of the 
                of the name and put charm near the phone. 

                Rid ghosts: 
                put a sucer aof vinegar with pepper in it in the room where you feel 

                To help develop a sense of reality: 
                voodoo doll that looks like you. Each time your personality improves 
                a white ribbon to the doll. 

                Develop sensitivity: 
                carry a mirror with a spell on the back in square. 

                Rid evil: 
                find rose water and sprinkle it about your premises, Chant: "Keep 
                evil eye 
                from roaming here." imagine your religious god or higher power 
                protecting you 
                and being surrounded in peace. 

                Other spells you might need 

                Overcome fear of a person: 
                In a gold locket put a snippet of the intended's hair. Visualize his 
                with a great deal of love while making the charm, and wear it while 
                with him. 

                Friends from enemies: 
                In a base of grenadine, add a pinch of file powder and chant over 
                it: "Undo 
                black hearts, curses and sins". 

                Avoid fear of the future: take a thin blue ribbon and tie knots in it 
                each knot chant :"Keep fear of events away from me." 

                Courage to pursue your dreams: Carry a feather from a white dove on 
                where luck must be with you. 

                To assist with self image: wear gardenia when you feel the need of 

                To make friends- While burning five shamrocks in a candle flame, 
                "Friendly spirits hear my plea, friendship linger near me, send a 
                friend to 
                [name of person] to ease the time, wrap your wings in friendships 

                To save a friendship- Stroke a cat's fur backwards while visualizing 
                missing friend and saying "Cat with nine lives, (mention name) in 
                nine lives, bring him/her back to friendships door. 

                Bring together feuding friends- Take a yellow feather and an amulet 
                of a 
                crystal bird. Put them together in a purple silk pouch keep in your 
                room (or bedroom) until they're speaking again. 

                To make amends with someone you've hurt- Get a personal item 
                belonging to the person you've hurt, and bury it in your yard at 
                midnight while chanting: 
                "Take away the pain i've caused to (name)." Chant over the item for 
                the next 
                two nights and on the fourth night call the person and apologize. 

                To help a friend get out of trouble- Wear a necklace you feel has the 
                power and luck rub it while chanting "Take away half of (name) 
                trouble and 
                place it on me" chant for several minutes every few hours and chant 
                that night over a witches star with burning candles upon it and chant 
                more by the next day the person should be fine. Be careful when doing 
                spell be cause some of the trouble does come upon you! 

                Luck and Future Success 
                To attract good luck 

                -Dig up wild violets in the spring woods and keep in your house. 

                -horseshoe hung tips up 

                -to avoid accidents in car, keep a small spray of larkspur pinned to 

                Success- wear the symbol of your religious belief as a talisman and 
                charm of 
                hope and good intent. 

                To Assure High Test Scores- Take a whole walnut and write on it with 
                a felt 
                tipped pen: "(Your name)succeeds above all" concentrate on a mental 
                of an exam with your name on it an next to it the grade you want. 
                Keep the 
                walnut with you. 

                To avoid PPS (perfect person syndrome)- Wear a blue topaz 

                Help lose weight- Take a piece of parchment paper and carefully draw 
                a five 
                pointed star in the center write in the star, putting one word in 
                each point, 
                "Refrigerator stay invisable to me" Stick it on your fridge. 

                Help you do what's best- write activities you want to do with a 
                Transfer each activity to small pieces of white paper using a blue 
                Assemble the sheets and chant over them "choose the path for me, 
                spirits" with your eyes closed choose a sheet. You can see what you 
                after your first one I use it every year for career choices. 

                Variety of helpful spells 
                Send a thought or message- Take a stone you are most attracted to rub 
                it and 
                fill it with the power of your mind, visualize the person you want to 
                something to and visualize a silver strand linking your mind to that 
                with the message. 

                To assist with a rebelious nature- Gather a nosegay of sweet william 
                forget-me-nots and give them to the rebel chant:Return the innocence 
                of youth 
                and refreshed dreams to (name). 

                To give you energy- Fix a cup of camile tea chant "Bring me new 
                strength to 
                fulfill my life." While drinking the tea. 

                Safe airplane trip- collect two eggs from a crow's nest and carry 
                them with 
                you the flight should be incident free. 

                Keep Illness away- Lay down once a week close your eyes, generate a 
                sense of love and well-being. Let your inner eye sweep over your body 
                touch on your organs(let love heal). 

                Yes or No bags 


                1.a bag that opens or closes 

                2.two stones one blue one red. 

                Put the stones in the bag now think of a question. Now that you have 
                question, say; 

                Spirit of knowledge, Guid my hand to the correct answer. Should I do 
                this/working of ( say what you plan to do) or not? blue means no red 

                Now draw out a stone. Which ever color you get decides yes or no. 

                DREAMS - PSYCHIC DREAMS 

                Before going to sleep, empty your mind of all the crazy thoughts that 
                you up. Concentrate on a question if you have one, or simply relax 
                prepare for the night ahead. 

                Burn "eyebright" or sleep on a pillow of mugwort. 
                Sip "rosebud" tea at bed time or slip an onion or bay leaf under the 
                Sleep with the light of the Full Moon flooding over you, and wear 
                jewelry as the subconscious mind is ruled by the Moon and both of 
                actions help tap into that energy. 

                Write your question on a piece of paper, place nine rose petals on 
                the paper 
                and fold it three times before slipping it under your pillow. 
                Burning a blue candle in the room will also promote prophetic dreams. 
                You can 
                also anoint your candle with Yarrow or honeysuckle oil. 


                Constant or recurring nightmares can be combated by telling them to 
                the Sun 
                the morning after they occur. You shouldn't be bothered by them any 
                after that. 


                Try placing a branch of leaves at the head of the bed, or lettuce 
                under your pillow. I've also heard that tying a magnet to the 
                headboard, may 
                aid in getting you back to sleepy town. 

                ROMANCE ~TO ENOURAGE IT 

                Melt wax from a red candle and let it cool only until it is still 
                Place it in a bowl while you take three of the following herbs: 

                Rose, dill, daisy, hibiscus, licorice, rosemary, basil, ginger, 
                vanilla, geranium, juniper. 

                Mix the herbs, concentrating on your need for love. Knead the wax, 
                adding a 
                pinch of the herb mixture every few seconds until the wax is full of 
                Form the wax into a heart. Wrap it in pink cloth and hang it from 

                Romance ~TO SPICE IT UP 

                Sprinkle orris powder between the sheets. Add a few drops of 
                patchouli or 
                musk oil to the final rinse when washing your sheets. Burn red 
                candles in the 
                room (red being the color of passion and energy). Burning a 
                scented candle will give your red candle and extra boost. 


                A large red onion on the bed post for coughs and colds; a horseshoe 
                toothache; a champagne cork for back pain. 
                Purple candles promote speedy healing. Try anointing your candle with 
                using a scented candle) Gardenia, peppermint, violet, rose, rosemary 
                oil, or 
                lavender oil.


                Remember to never leave a bed empty for too long. When heading off 
                for, for 
                example, clean the bed, tuck a broom into it, bristles on the pillow 
                to keep 
                anything negative from settling there. 
                A blue candle helps protect you while you sleep. Try anointing (or 
                scented candles) with violet, Rose Geranium, frankincense, bayberry 
                Mirrors are great protection in the bedroom, as it repels negative 
                influences. So put a small one on the headboard, or at least facing 
                the door, 
                and you should stay safe through the night. 
                Eucalyptus leaves or cinquefoil beneath the pillow, or a knife under 
                the bed 
                will keep you safe through the night. 

A Basil And Cinnamon Love Talisman

                Items needed: 

                A large, Flat plate 

                A small picture of yourself (no one
                else should be in it) 

                Ground Cinnamon 

                Dried Basil 

                A ceramic bowl 

                A pink candle 

                A candle holder 

                A small piece of pink cotton cloth 

                Pink yarn 

                Matches (and a heat-proof container for the spent matches) 

                This ritual can be performed at any time. Hold the candle between your hands. 
                Close your eyes. See yourself as a loving person. Fill yourself with love. 
                Push that loving energy into the candle. Place it in its holder and light the 

                Next, place the plate before the candle. Put the small picture of yourself on 
                the middle of the plate. Using a spoon or the bottle of spice itself, pour a 
                small circle of ground cinnamon on the plate around the picture. Say: 

                LOVE SURROUNDS ME 

                Pour a larger circle of basil around the cinnamon ring, saying once again: 

                LOVE SURROUNDS ME 

                Now pour a third, larger circle of cinnamon around the basil circle saying: 

                LOVE SURROUNDS ME 

                Hold your hands, plams down, over the three herb circles and your picture for 
                a few moments. Sense the energies that are rising from the herbs. Raise 
                energy. Visualize. Carefully pour the herbs and the picture into the bowl. 
                Place your hands into the bowl and mix the herbs with your fingers, sending 
                energy into them, while saying these or similar words: 

                SPICE AND HERB, 

                PLANT AND TREE: 

                SEND SOMEONE 

                TO LOVE ME. 

                LOVE WE'LL SHARE 


                AS MY WILL, 

                SO MOTE IT BE! 

                Dust off your hands. Pour the spices and the picture into the center of the 
                pink cloth. Gather up ends, twist them together, and tie them shut with the 
                pink yarn. Place the love talisman beside the candle. Let sit there at least 
                18 minutes. 

                Afterward, pinch out the candles flame (or snuff it) and carry the talisman 
                with you to attract love. Burn the candle at approximately the same time each 
                day for at least 7 minutes. Love will find you. 

                You should make another one in about 7 months. 

                A Ritual of Gestures

                Stand in the ritual area. Still your thoughts. Breathe deeply for half a 
                minute or so until composed and calm. Turn your mind to our Deities. Face 
                North. Lift both hands to waist height, palms down. Press your fingers 
                together, creating two solid, flat planes. Sense solidity, foundation, 
                fertility. Invoke the powers of the Earth through the gesture. Moments Later, 
                turn toward the East. Raise your hands a foot higher, your palms facing away 
                from you (no longer parallel with the ground), and elbows slightly bent. 
                Spread your fingers and hold this position, sensing movement and 
                communication. Invoke the forces of Air through the gesture. 

                Face South. 

                Lift your hands fully above your head. Keeping the elbows straight, grasp 
                your fingers into tight fists. Feel force, power, creation and destruction. 
                Invoke the forces of Fire through the gesture. 

                Turn to the West. 

                Lower your hands a foot or so. Bend the elbows, turn your palms upward and 
                cup them pressing the thumbs against the forefingers. Sense fluidity, the 
                ocean, liquidity. Invoke the forces of Water through the gesture. 

                Face North again. 

                Trow your head back and raise both hands to the sky, palms up, fingers 
                spread. Drink in the essence of The One, the unknowable, upapproachable 
                ultimate source of all. Sense the mysteries within the universe. 

                Lower your projective hand (your writing hand) but keep your receptive hand 
                high. Pressing the third, forth and fifth fingers against the palm, lift the 
                forefinger and thumb to create a rough cresent shape. Sense the reality of 
                the Goddess. Sense Her love, Her fertility, Her compassion. 

                Sense the powers of the Moon in the gesture; the force of the eternal seas - 
                the presence of the Goddess. Lower your receptive hand; lift your projestive 
                hand. Bend down the middle and forth fingers toward the palm, and trap them 
                with the thumb. Lift the forefinger and little finger up to the sky, creating 
                a horned image. Sense the reality of the God. Sense the power of the Sun in 
                the gesture; the untamed energies of the woodlands - the presence of the God. 

                Lower your projective hand. 

                Lay down flat. 

                Spread your legs and arms until you've created the pattern of a pentagram. 
                Sense the powers of the elements running through you; merging and coalescing 
                into your being. Sense them as emanations from The One, the Goddess and God. 
                Meditate. Commune. Communicate. When finished, simply stand up. Your rite of 
                gestures is over. 

                Apple Blessing
                "Take an apple, cut it through, contemplate what's twixt the two."
                In the center of the Apple is the five-fold star, which represents the 
                Elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit. This represents the World and 
                ourselves, and is the symbol of the Maiden Goddess Kore, Who is the maiden 
                kore soul of Demeter, the Earth.
                In another's pupil we may see the apple of their eye, a reflection of 
                ourselves, an inner vision or K'ung Fu of our true selves.
                The Apple is also a circle, of a group of celebrants, and the cycle of birth, 
                death, and renewal. In the seed, we may see our birth; with the fruit, we may 
                nourish our life; from the seed, we may take death; with the wood, we may 
                make a funeral pyre.
                The roots of the Apple tree may ground us, and represent our many sources and 
                backgrounds. The branches lift us up and represent our many Paths and 
                traditions. In the trunk, we may see how all come together as One

                A Spell To Heal Old Wounds And Make A Fresh Start

                Perform on an incoming tide, when the moon's new hold a silver coin, 2 
                seashells, and vervain leaves in your hand and hold it towards the sea and 
                ask for the moon's blessing. 

                Then drink a toast to the sea and moon. Focus on your purpose and throw 1 
                shell as far as you can into the ocean(while chanting your wish). 

                With the other, write your wish and your name in the sand below the tide 

                Wrap the shell and coin in the vervain leaves and count seven waves hitting 
                the shore, and bury it in the middle of your message. 

                As you wait for the tide, chant 

                "TIDE AND TIME RECEIVE MY WISH, 

                AND GRANT ME NEW BEGINNINGS." 

                Interesting Ways To Turn Back Evil

                Pinch it out: 

                If you believe someone is intentionally sending evil your way, take your 
                shirt, turn it inside out, pinch it in the hinges of your bedroom door and 
                leave it there all night. 

                Shine it up: 

                you can shine your best brass or copper pot and say: 

                "Magick kettle shine for me 

                Deflect that evil energy 

                Send it back now three times three 

                May curse and slander not find me 

                As I will, So Mote It Be!" 

                Hang the pot in the most used room of your house. 

                Soak it up: 

                Often an onion was halved and dropped into a canning jar. When it rooted, it 
                was thrown away and replaced. The onion was said to soak up evil or negative 
                vibrations from anyone who entered the house. 

                Wash it out: 

                Creek stones and an Earthen bowl of water are used in this ritual. Its 
                purpose is to deflect negativity. Fill the bowl nearly full of creek stones, 
                then fill the bowl with water. The chant used here is: 

                Bowl of reflection 

                stones of protection 

                may the reason of my harm 

                feel the power of this charm 

                Sisters three come work for me 

                bowl detect 

                stones deflect 

                and water reflect 

                peace and harmony now come to me 

                as i will So Mote It Be! 

                Change the water once a week and renew the chant. throw the old water on your 
                doorstep. the sisters of the Wyrrd are incorporated here. the bowl stands for 
                the first sister, she of the past; the stones stand for the present and the 
                second sister; the third action, that of reflection, is for the sister of the 

                In Praise of the Crone


                A container to symbolize your niche-use your imagination. 

                A bird nest, shell, anything will do. 

                We have a Hobby Lobby store here and they carry all sorts of little 

                A small snippet of your hair or fingernail 

                Small quartz crystal 

                Powdered thyme (Hey an herb I have on hand!) 

                Vegetable oil 

                Orange, yellow, and purple candles 

                Annoint the candles with oil and roll them in the powdered thyme. Place the 
                purple candle on the altar, light it, and say: 

                I give myself to the universe 

                I dance joyfully to its rhyme and verse 

                I hear its music and its call 

                I accept its blessings-one and all 

                Place the niche container in front of the candle and say: 

                Here is my niche, my unique place 

                It's where I belong, my personal space 

                It holds the keys to who I am 

                And who I become in the cosmic plan 

                Place the fingernail or hair in the niche and say: 

                I place myself inside this niche 

                A token symbol of my wish 

                To find where I belong at last 

                In the cosmic plan, so wide and vast 

                Place the orange candle to the right of the niche. Light it and say: 

                I attract what's meant for me 

                As I will, so mote it be 

                Place the yellow candle to the left of the niche. Light it and say: 

                With success, this spell I bind 

                What i wish for shall be mine 

                Close your eyes and hold the crystal to your forehead. Visualize finding your 
                niche, the place that you fit. See yourself being happy and fullfilled. Then 
                place the crystal in the niche and say: 

                I place this stone of power last 

                And as I do, the spell is cast 

                Let the candles burn down completely, then put the niche in a spot where 
                you'll see it every day. Know that the universe will place you exactly where 
                you need to be.

                To help add a little more energy at the end of your spells.Works best if you 
                are wearing a Pentagram you have attuned to yourself. Speak these word with 
                all the fibres of your body while releasing the spell's energy: By the 
                Pentagram I wear, Water, Fire, Earth, and Air, Ruled by Spirit as All 
                should be As I speak SO MOTE IT BE! Time: During the seven days of the 
                Full of the Moon. When and Where: Outside, Barefoot, facing East. Clothing 
                white cotton. 

                Owl Wisdom -when you have a question find a statue or a picture of an owl.Ask 
                the Owl energy for help. Sacred Owl,bring wisdom to me help me make the 
                right decisions assist me in planning my future walk with me on my spiritual 
                path show me the way

                "Busy as a Bee" Money Spell:
                This spell should be performed on a waxing moon. You will need: your 
                business card, a pen, cotton wool, 30 cm of red ribbon, a glass bottle, 
                honey. Visualize yourself happy and working and say: "My life and accounts 
                shall soon be in balance" Draw a bee on the back of your business card, 
                buzzing from flower to flower. Lay it on the cotton wool. Roll into a 
                cylinder, wrap it around with the ribbon saying: "My life and accounts shall 
                soon be in balance" Place the scroll into the bottle, fill it with honey, 
                replace the stopper, saying: "My life and accounts shall soon be in balance" 
                Plant an oak tree and bury the bottle under it, or place the bottle into the 
                freezer. Every evening in the waxing moon water the tree, or turn the bottle 
                clockwise repeating the above. By: Titania

                Spell To Keep Children Happy Ingredients Cherries Root Beer Peanut Butter and 
                Apple Butter Sandwiches Cherries are the fruit of self confidence and self 
                love and bring happiness. Root beer or Sarsaparilla is said to induce 
                playfulness. Peanut butter and Apple butter are also self confidence foods 
                and give energy, health, grounding, and protection. Whole wheat or bread with 
                grains provide more physical and mental stimulation and are healthier than 
                white bread which weighs the physical body down. Simply feed these foods to 
                your children as snacks or meals

                Heirloom Jar You need: One canning jar with lid a photocopy of an antique 
                photograph glossy wood tone spray (available at craft stores) 3/4" wide lace 
                - I use an off white to keep it looking antique crafting glue 1/4" wide satin 
                ribbon in coordinating color of lace Lightly spray photocopy with wood tone 
                spray Using flat piece of lid as a pattern, cut out the photocopy. Glue 
                photocopy to a flat piece of lid; glue lid inside screw ring. Glue lace 
                around the outside of lid. Now glue the satin ribbon around the lid over top 
                the lace for a finished look. Tie in a bow

                Lucky Seven' spell. Gather 7 small pieces of turquoise. Place the stones 
                under full moon to soak up light for overnight (7 hours or more). Take the 
                stones into your hands, and say: Luck be quick, luck be kind, By lucky seven, 
                good luck be mine. Place stones into green bag, & carry with you wherever you 
                go. Throw a stone into a moving body of water and state what you wish out 
                loud anytime you feel need some luck! 

                Ribbon Potpourri Bag 2 different colored & textured ribbons (example...velvet 
                & brocade) Potpourri Hot glue Embellishments - your choice Cut 3 pieces of 
                ribbon in lengths of 14" to 15".....cut 2 of same kind of ribbon & 1 of 
                contrasting ribbon. Lay ribbons(contrasting ribbon in center side to side & 
                hot glue overlapping the edges. Fold ribbon bag in half & glue outside edges. 
                Fill with potpourri & turn in top edge of bag(you can glue but not 
                necessary). Tie with ribbon to close bag and then you can add embellishments 
                of your choice....you could use tassels, bows, small pinecones, silk flowers, 
                cinnamon sticks, pearls, charms..anything you wish. Easy & makes wonderful 

                Spell To Relieve Stress Ingredients Ginger Sugar Sea Salt Lemon Cardamom 
                Chamomile Tea There are several ways to utilize this spell: 1. Draw a bath 
                and add three chamomile tea bags, a whole ginger root, three fistfuls of 
                sugar, three fistfuls of salt, a teaspoon of cardamom seeds, and the juice of 
                a whole lemon. Relax and soak in the tub. 2. Brew a cup of chamomile tea add 
                a pinch of salt, cardamom, and ginger. Then add lemon and sugar to taste. 
                Drink tea before, during or after a stressful situation. 3. This preparation 
                is used as a massage therapy for muscle tension in the body. Brew the tea as 
                described above, but do not add the salt. Fill an empty mayonnaise jar with 
                sea salt and then pour the tea over it. Shake well. You now have a salt rub 
                to use on specific areas of your body that hold tension and stress. 

                To Learn the Truth Light altar candles. Light Incense. Think hard on the 
                subject about which you wish to learn the truth. Light petitioners candle.. a 
                candle representing yourself. (Can be any color you feel represents 
                yourself.) and say, "This candle I light to represent myself. It burns as 
                does the spirit. It is as myself in all things. Light 2 white candles and 
                say, " These are the symbols for truth. They are enjoined about (your name) 
                and to me show all truth. Then say: "As I rock in the night 'cross the brown 
                heath bare, In the bright moons light saw a castle fair; Lords and ladies, 
                great and small, Where crowding in, 'twas a festival, Grasses in the wind are 
                waving. They bade me welcome and I went To drink their wine to my heart's 
                content. I danced and laughed with the ladies fair. Ne'er in my life had I 
                such cheer; Grasses in the wind are waving. Then all at once there came a 
                cry: Haro by yaro! Asleep fell I, While a lady dancing at my side Seemed like 
                a lizard away to glide; Grasses in the wind are waving. I woke in the early 
                light of day, In an olden ruin I did lay, O'er the rock and into the sun I 
                saw a green-gold lizard run! Grasses in the wind are waving. Now the truth I 
                know and it stays with me, For I have seen what I did see, All secret 
                knowledge came to mind, Borne on laughter of the other kind; Grasses in the 
                wind are waving." Sit then in quiet contemplation for half an hour. In this 
                time will the truth of the subject in question come to you. Extinguish 
                candles Must give credit to Raymond Buckland for that one. From Celtic Magick 
                Copyright 1990 DJ Conway 

                I suffer from extreme stress and tension. This spell helps me to calm down 
                after I've come home from work....especially useful when things have been 
                stressful at work for awhile (reports due,etc) and a quick end is not in 
                sight. Waxing moon---to bring peace and tranquility ---- or Waning moon-- to 
                send away stress and discomfort Colour--a long taper--light blue works best 
                for me, however any pale color would do...it's your preference. Day of the 
                Week---can be started any day...but Monday is best for protecting children 
                (the child within) Cut 7 notches into the candle. Dress the candle with your 
                favorite oil ( I use Olive oil for just about everything). Stroke the candle 
                from ends to middle (waxing moon) or from middle to ends (waning moon). Set 
                the candle in a fire proof holder. Day 1--light your candle and say the 
                following word (visualizing peace and serenity surrounding you) "Blessed 
                Goddess...hear my prayer for peace and calm, My candle dressed with soothing 
                balm. I light this candle on day one...now I know this spell's begun." Keep 
                the candle lit (and in your view) and visualize calmness and serenity coming 
                from the candle flame--filling the air around you. I also light incense 
                (lavender) to enhance the mood. Snuff out the candle when it reaches the 
                first notch and thank the Goddess for being with you. (Don't blow out the 
                candle--use a candle snuffer) On the following days...repeat the process.... 
                Day 2-- " Blessed Goddesss..hear my prayer for peace and calm, My candle 
                dressed with soothing balm. I light this candle on day two ....now I know 
                that calmness comes through." Day 3-- "Blessed Goddess...hear my prayer for 
                peace and calm My candle dressed with soothing balm. I light this candle on 
                day three...now I know calmness comes to me." Day 4--(repeat first two lines) 
                "I light this candle on day four...now I know more calmness is in store" Day 
                5--(repeat first two lines) "I light this candle on day five...now I know my 
                calmness is alive" Day 6--(repeat first two lines) "I light this candle on 
                day six...now I know my calmness is fixed" Day 7--(repeat first two lines) "I 
                light this candle on day seven...now I know my calmness is given. For 
                everyday after this candle is gone...I know that my calmness lives on and on. 
                So mote it be" Let the candle burn itself out and thank the Goddess. Repeat 
                whenever you feel the need. 

                unless stated i do not know where these spells came from to give credit to 
                the authors.

To Attract Money (Nicola De Pulford):

                Take a gold coin. Place it in your
                left shoe.
                Walk clockwise in a circle thrice.
                Take shoes off and place in a T shape
                for 3 days.
                Tape coin into your most frequently
                worn shoes for as long as 

                To Make Money Return to You (Scott

                Mark the symbol of Wealth on your
                money Patchouli or Cinnamon oil.

                Protection (Scott Cunningham):

                Imagine a triple circle of purple light around your body. Say:

                I am protected by your might,
                O gracious Goddess, day and night
                Thrice around the circle's bound 
                Evil sink into the ground.

                Mirror Spell for Protecting Your Home (Scott Cunningham):

                Censer should stand in the center of the altar before an image of the 
                Goddess. Have a 12 in. (or thereabouts) round mirror there also. 
                Ring altar with 9 white candles. Burn frankincense, copal or 

                Beginning with the candle most directly before the Goddess say:

                Luna light protect me

                Repeat for all the candles. Then hold up the mirror and invoke the 
                Goddess in her Luna aspect by saying:

                Great Goddess of the Luna light
                And mistress of the seas;
                Great Goddess of the mystic night
                And of the mysteries;
                Within this place of candles bright
                And with your mirror nigh;
                Protect me with your awesome might
                While ill vibrations fly!

                Stand before the altar; hold the mirror facing the candles so it 
                reflects their flame. Keep toward the candles, slowly move 
                counterclockwise around the circle, watching reflected candlelight 
                reflect around the room. Increase speed; watch the light burning 
                away all negativity. Race around until you feel the atmosphere 
                change, until you feel that your home has been cleansed and guarded 
                by Goddess. When you have finished, stand once again before the 
                image. Thank the Goddess, pinch out the candles one by one, bind 
                them together with white cord and store them in a safe place until 
                (and if) you need to use them again for the same purpose.

                A Spell to Break the Power of a Spell (Scott Cunningham):

                Place a large black candle in a cauldron (or a large black bowl). 
                The candle must extend a few centimeters above the rim. Fill the 
                cauldron to the rim with fresh water, without wetting the wick. An 
                inch or 2 should remain above the water. Breathe deeply, mediate 
                clear your mind and light the candle. Visualize the suspect's spell 
                power as residing within the candle's flame. Sit in quiet 
                contemplation of the candle and visualize the power flowing and 
                growing with the candle flame (yes, the power against you). As the 
                candle burns down, its flame will eventually sputter and go out as it 
                contacts the water. As soon as the flame has been extinguished by 
                the water, the spell will be dispersed. Break your visualization of 
                the spell's power; see it explode into dust, becoming impotent. Pour 
                the water into a hole in the ground, a lake or stream. Bury the 
                candle. It is done.

                String Magic (Scott Cunningham):

                Take a piece of cord, of the appropriate color and shape it on the 
                altar into a rune, or the shape of the object you need: a car, a 
                house, or a pay cheque. While you do this, visualize the needed 
                object; raise the power and send it forth to bring it to 

                So shall it be!

                To Protect an Object (Scott Cunningham):

                With the first and middle fingers, trace a pentagram over the object 
                to be protected. Visualize electric blue or purple flame streaming 
                from your fingers to form the pentagram. Say this as you trace:

                With this pentagram I lay
                Protection here both night and day.
                And the one who should not touch
                Let his fingers burn and twitch
                I now invoke the law of three:
                This is my will, so mote it be!

                To Rid the Mind or Body of an Affliction (Valarie Worth)

                Gather a quart (1 litre) of water from a spring or stream. Pour this 
                into a large bowl, or cauldron. Set it within a darkened chamber; by 
                candlelight, then, take a silver knife and write with its point upon 
                the water's surface the name of that which afflicts you. Next soak a 
                small lock of lamb's wool first in a sweet-scented oil and second in 
                some red wine. Carry it to the bowl of water and drop it into the 
                water saying these words:

                The dark be lightened
                The harsh be softened
                The rank be sweetened
                By the power of the knife
                And by the power of the water.

                Leave the wool to soak all night, until sunrise. Remove, wring out 
                and set to dry upon a small circle of white velvet. Empty contents 
                of bowl into a hole in the earth. Fill the hole. When the wool is 
                dry, sew up the velvet and wool to form a pouch, pin this beneath 
                clothing for a month. Thereafter keep it safe in a drawer or other 
                safe place, that its powers may not be diminished through neglect.