Norse Creation Myth

There existed a powerful being called the Allfather, and whatever he willed
                came to pass. There was a vast cleft called Gunninga-gap, North of the cleft
                was a space known as Nifl-heim, the home of mist and darkness, in the centre
                of which bubbled the exhaustless spring Hvergelmir,the seething cauldron,
                whose waters supplied 12 great streams known as the Elivagar.  As the water
                of these streams flowed swiftly away from its source and encountered the clod
                blasts from the yawning gulf, it soon hardened into huge blocks of ice, which
                rolled downward into the depths of the great abyss with a continual roar like
                South of this dark chasm, and directly opposite Nifl-heim, was another space
                called Muspells-heim, the home of elemental fire, where all was warm and
                bright, and whose frontiers were guarded by Surtr, the flame giant.  In
                brandishing his great fire sword, sparks continually fell upon the ice partly
                melting them.
                As the steam rose in clouds it again encountered the prevailoing cold, and
                was changed into hoarfrost, which eventually filled the great central space.
                By the constant action of cold and heat and by the will of the Allfather,
                Ymir (Seething Clay) or the Frost Giant was created. In searching for food he
                came upon a gigantic cow called Audhumla (The Nourisher), which was created
                in the same fashion as Ymir.  Ymir drank of her milk and was satisfied, but
                as for the cow she needed food herself so she started to lick the salt off of
                a nearby ice block with her rough tongue.  She continued to lick at the salt
                until first hair and then the head until Buri (The Producer) emerged from the
                As the cow was licking, Ymir fell asleep and a son and daughter were born
                from the perspiration under his armpit, and his feet produced the six headed
                giant Thrudgelmir, who bore Bergelmir, where all the frost giants decended.
                When the giants became aware of Buri and his son Borr(Born) they began waging
                war against them for the Gods represented good and the giants represented
                evil. Odin, Villi and Ve were born of Borr and Bestla, a giantess.  These
                three joined their father against the giants.  They finally slew Ymir. As he
                sank down lifeless the blood gushed from his wounds in such floods that all
                his race perished except Bergelmir who had escaped.  Out of Ymir's flesh the
                Gods fashioned Midgard(Middle Garden). The solid portion ofMidgard was
                surrounded by the giant's blood or sweat forming the oceans.  His bones made
                the hills, his flat teeth made the cliffs, and his curly hair the trees and
                all vegetation.  The Gods then took his skull and placed it in the heavensand
                his brains were used to make the clouds.  To support the heavenly vault, the
                Gods stationed the strong dwarfs, Nordri, Sudri, Austri and Vestri at it's
                four corners, bidding them sustain it upon their shoulders.  To give light to
                the world they just created, the Gods studded the heavenly vault with sparks
                secured from Muspells-heim, the most vivid were reserved for the Sun and Moon
                which were placed in beautiful golden chariots.

                It them goes into the rest of the creation of man and Gods alike.