Weight Loss Spells and Rituals

Weight Loss-Tarot Spell

Items needed:

The MAGICIAN is superimposed over the Significator Card, the card you feel 
represents you-- to signify the subject's commitment to shape and improve 
his/her own personal health. These cards are crowned by The World, standing 
for health, harmony, and wholeness. It is sided by Strength to show the 
physical side of the well-being, and The Sun, which depicts the emotional 
well-being that affects and is affected by full health.

A full length mirror and have it set up in a well-lit room (sunlit if 
possible and outside is even better). Have a place where the cards can be 
laid out nearby.

Also you may include:
candles - orange, purple, and red can be used for health and white represents 
pure energy and harmony.
This spell can be performed at any time if there is a need -- do it during a 
Waning Moon to banish unwanted weight.

It is best performed in the early morning, especially before an exercise 
session. It will help you start your morning in a good frame of mind and will 
put your mind in focus for living healthy all day.

Here is a ritual that can be done before the spell to help focus and build 
Ritual--Arrange some time that you will be alone, about an hour. If you have 
music available put on something that will be calm and serene and meditative. 
Take a relaxing bath, imagining strongly that you are cleansing not only your 
body, but your soul and spirit as well.
You will need a clean flat surface to use as an altar and to lay out your 
cards on, what ever you choose to use. Set out an incense burner, I like 
sandal wood or patchouli incense for this spell. Set up your candles and 
other accessories, have your cards ready but not laid out yet.
Have a dark blue candle on the left of your altar area for the Goddess and a 
gold or orange candle for the God. Light the candles and take a few deep 
breaths. Feel yourself connecting to these energies. Hold this meditative 
state as long as is necessary for you to connect and say in these or similar 

(You may have four candles to represent the elements by color. Green for 
earth, Red for fire, Yellow for air, and Blue for water and light each candle 
as you say)

I call now upon the Earth,
Far plains and lofty mountains
For power and strength to my spell
As I light this candle is summoning

I call now upon Air
ruler of the skies
And the far wheel of Eternity
For power and strength to my spell
As I light this candle is summoning

I call now upon Fire
That burns in the core of the Earth
At one with the energies of Life itself
For power and strength to my spell
As I light this candle in summoning

I call now upon Water
Broad lakes, ever-moving streams
And the boundless ocean
For power and strength to my spell
As I light this candle in summoning

Pause for the length of five heartbeats, then pick up the Tarot deck and 
remove the significant cards for the spell and say:

Reaching into the far distant past
I draw forth these symbols
For that which my spell shall be cast

Here shall be woven Chance, Fortune and Fate that my deepest wish shall be 

Set your significator card in place while thinking about your desire to 
remake yourself healthier and more perfect form.

Set The Magician over your Significator card while considering some of the 
steps you will take to bring about these changes, exercise, nutrition etc.

Put The World in its place and consider all the area of your life that will 
be affected by a holistic well-being with mind and body in harmony.

To the left of the World set Strength, while thinking about strength vigor, 
and stamina that you will attain and maintain. Visualize yourself utilizing 
the strength you have to the best possible intent. Feel the strength of the 
God/Goddess within you and know that you can rely on that power!

To the right of The World set the Sun in place, while picturing yourself 
walking in the sunlight, enjoying the glow of total health.

Once your cards are all in place, stand in front of the mirror, or sit if it 
is not full length. Study your body while you spread your arms upward and 
outward. Visualize yourself as a tree, with limbs reaching up toward the sky 
and the universe, leaves drawing sustenance from the Sun, roots draw the 
power of the Sun and the Earth and all living things through your body. You 
feel this energy being processed to build strength, vitality and wholeness. 
You feel the power flowing in through your body and out again, making the 
body stronger and better and very well toned.
As you continue to imagine how this power would flow, look again at yourself 
in the mirror and see yourself not as you are, but as glowing skin, the 
radiance of health and beauty.
After you have sustained the visualization exercise in front of the mirror 
for a few minutes, carefully and with as much feeling as you can recite the 

I call upon the strength of the Earth, the vitality of the Sun, and the life 
force within me!!
Power flows through my body.
It purges and purifies all that is harmful
It fills every cell of my body with radiant health.
Strength and beauty shine through me
I honor my body
I shape my body
I nourish my body with good food and good thoughts
My mind and body are in harmony and I am whole and healthy!
So it is and so mote it be!
The Dieting thought-form Ritual

Take a blue topaz to a quiet place and sit comfortably. Set the stone aside, 
then close your eyes and hold your hands closely together, palms facing each 
other. Feel the warmth of energy flow between your fingers and palms. 
Visualize the energy as a white light. Move your hands farther apart, forcing 
the energy stream to broaden. Keep moving your hands and expanding the energy 
force until you reach a distance of about six inches. Shape the energy into a 
ball with your fingers, then squeeze and compress it until it is the size of 
the stone. Hold the compressed energy in one hand and the topaz in the other, 
then clasp your hands together to combine the two. Say:

"Thought form of my energy,
In this stone, now live and be"

Open your hands and breathe on the stone. Say:

"I share with you my Air to breathe."

Hold the stone to your forehead, then hold it to your heart. Say:

"I give you the Fires of passion and intellect."

Rub some saliva into the stone. Say:

"I give you the Waters of Life."

Rub the stone across your feet. Say:

"I give you the strength of foundation."

Hold the stone in your dominant hand until it tingles and pulses with energy. 
Open your hand and chant over the stone:

"Stone of topaz, bluest stone,
Your life is mine, and mine alone.
Work to curb my appetite.
Bring good health back into sight.
Give me strength to stay away.
From foods where fat and sugar play.
Bring the will power that I need.
As I will, so mote it be!"

Wear or carry the stone with you while dieting.
Wish Spell (can be used for weight loss)

1 White candle or your birth-color candle
Incense: violet, strawberry, pineapple, orange, allspice, aloe or daffodil

Light the candle. From that flame, light the incense. Watch the smoke rise 
and visualize your wish. Be specific while concentrating on your wish. Say 
the following:

"Smoke be the messenger of this rite;
Carry high my thoughts and dreams
With your tendrils curling so.
Whisper my wishes in the wind.
Carry my aspirations to the stars,
My deep feelings to the moon,
The light inside me to the sun,
My fears to the distant planets.
Let my message fall to the earth
After being sent up by fire.
Flow through water calm and clear
And let the air raise it again
To North, East, South, and West
Down to the Earth and up to the Sky.
Goddess hears my wish.
Let this smoke be my messenger
As the Fire burns.
So mote it be."

When you are done, let the incense and candle burn out.
Voodoo Doll Weight Loss Spell

Items needed:
Dark Blue Candle - represents the Goddess
Gold Candle - represents the God
Red Candle
Rose Petals
Cotton Balls
Red thread/needle
Cloth--the color of your skin or close
Calming and soothing incense (rosemary for health and self-love or anything 
that you prefer)
items to tie the doll to you--hair, nail clippings, saliva, skin residue, 
clean white linen
Bowl of water
Bowl of salt
Fireproof container to burn part of the herbs in
Anise--spirit aid in spells
Burgamot-- success
Rosemary--willpower and happiness/health
St. John's Wort--will power

Three nights before the Full Moon
Cast a Circle and Invoke the Goddess (other areas of this site will include 
how to cast a circle and Goddess invocation)
Begin to construct the doll. Cut out an outline that is close to your body 
shape or as you see your body. Begin to sew the doll saying--
(it is better for you to create your own chant as always )--

"(your name) as this I see
(your name) you represent to me"

Say this over and over as you sew leaving an opening for stuffing the doll 
with herbs and cotton as well as items connected to you. Place the doll upon 
your Altar below a Red Candle--for energy and action and passion to your 
spell (if you see need for another candle feel free to choose.. it is the 
same with the herbs)
Altar should be set with candles lit
Elements Represented with
Bowl of Salt--Earth
Bowl of charged Water--Water
Incense--Rosemary or Sandalwood is what I prefer
Red candle--Fire
God/Goddess candles
and anything else you use, including any items that represent health and 
beauty to you personally..

You will now begin to mix your herbs, they do not have to be powdered
but can be ground if you prefer with a mortar and pestle.
Charge the herbs as you blend (one tsp. each will be fine, more if needed as 
you will burn what you do not use in the doll)
as you mix say:

"Herbs of health and Beauty Fair
I stir and mix and blend with care
Essence now come into me
Lend your power
So mote it Be
(chant 3, 6, or nine times or until you feel it is sufficiently charged)

Place the herbs in the doll in the areas that you feel are more healthy and 
place cotton balls in areas you would like to change most. Add as well the 
items to tie the doll to you. As you do this chant:

"Though separate you are
We are linked as One
As (your name) Your life has begun."

Consecrate the doll when you are finished stuffing it saying:

With Earth I consecrate this doll as (your name).. Sprinkle a bit of salt on 
the doll
With Air I consecrate this doll as (your name) pass doll through the incense
With Fire I consecrate this doll as (your name) pass the doll over the 
candle, be careful not to catch it on fire!
With Water I consecrate this doll as (your name) sprinkle a bit of the 
charged water on the doll

Attune to the doll. Feel and Know it is You! Let the doll sit on the altar 
undisturbed and if you can't leave your altar up wrap it in clean white linen 
and keep in a safe place until you are ready to continue.

On the next night (now waning moon and time for banishing the fat)
Altar set as before. Begin to remove the cotton from the doll placing it in 
the fireproof dish and concentrating on its burning, say:

"Fat Unwanted, Fat unneeded
Fat now gone and fat unheeded
Burn up quickly in the Flame
Leave behind no access weight or bane
Fat now banished from my site
Fat sheds off both day and night
Leaving only health behind
Tied with beauty in herbs that bind.
Fat is banished away from me
And as my will So mote it be!!"

Once you have removed and burned 1/3 of the cotton pinch out the candles and 
leave the doll on the altar or wrap in clean white linen once again. Do this 
for three nights in a row until all cotton is removed. (I feel it is best to 
leave the altar standing the three days running and keep the doll there upon 
it when you are not working but make sure nothing is disturbed). On the third 
night after burning the last of the fat, burn the left over herb mixture as 
you sew up the rest of the doll closing the opening with the red thread.
Now, wrap the doll in clean white linen and keep in a special place where it 
will not be disturbed. This spell can be repeated at each full moon going 
into waning.
Weight Loss Spell

Items needed:
1 tbsp. each:
juniper berries
dandelion leaves
red clover tops
skull cap
add 20 drops peppermint oil and strawberry oil (essential oils)
Bind together with Myrhh--one tsp. and Gum mastic--1 tsp.

Mix all together catalyzing the intentions

"This spell helps me achieve the weight I desire
Good health and thoughts are higher.
For the good of myself and those around me
As my will, so mote it be!!"

Make a green or copper mojo bag to draw the energy of Venus and self love and 
carry with