Water Correspondences

Meanings: Sensuality, Sexuality, Emotions, Intuition, Cleansing, Womb, Dream, Lunar
Colours: Blue, Silver, White, Sea Green, Gray
Season: Fall
Time of day: Sunset
Tool: Cup/Chalice
Sense: Taste
Age: Middle Age
State of Matter: Liquid
Letter of Tetragramation: He
Elemental King: Necksa
Elemental Ruler: Tharsis
Elements: Alven, Ashrays, Bean-sidhe, Black Angus, Boobric, Banyip, Cailleach Buir, Corrigans, Dracs, Ellyllons
Animal: Fish, Dolphins
Directional Wind: Zephyrus
Archangel: Gabriel
Angel: Taliahad
Evangelist: John
Qualities: Cold, Moisture, Weight, Obscurity, Solidity, Motion, Deep, Abysmal, Rippling, Dissolving, Surging, Fluid
Tarot Trump: Hanged Man
Court Cards: Queens
Hebrew Name: Maim
Humour: Blood
Jungian Function: Intuition
Metal: Silver
Polarity: Yin/Female