Thanking the Gods

The following rituals can be performed at any time you feel like saying thanks and want to do more than just say aloud "thanks". I am looking for other rituals to add here to my collection and to me Book of Shadows.

A Solitary Ritual of Thanks

You will need: a large white or pink bowl, one white candle, spring water, fresh flowers (that are white if possible), and a piece of white cloth.

This can be performed outside or in, whichever you prefer. Place the bowl on the ritual surface (your altar or the ground). If desired, cast a circle. Affix the white candle to the center of the bowl with warmed beeswax or with wax from another white candle.

Pour water into the bowl. Place the flowers in the water (either take the petals off or pop the heads of the stems and set the stems aside). Light the candle.

Visualize your reason for the ritual, remember why you are giving thanks. Touch the water on both sides of the candle with your fingertips, saying:
Lady of the Moon, of stars and the Earth,
Lord of the Sun, of forest and the hills,
I perform a ritual of thanks
My love shine like the flame
My love floats like the petals
Upon you.
Lady of Waters, of floers and seas,
Lord of Air, of horns and of fire,
I perform a ritual of thanks.
My love shines like the flames
My love floats like the petals
upon you.
Lady of Caves, of cats and snakes,
Lord of Plains, of falcons and stags,
I perform a ritual of thanks.
My love shines like the flames.
My love floats like the petals
Upon you.

Look into the candle flame, then down into the water. Blow gently upon the water's surface and watch the flowers move. Meditate, commune and give thanks to the Lord and the Lady.

When it is time to close, remove the flowers from the water. Place them in the center of the white cloth. Wrap them up in the cloth. If you have cast a circle. close it now. End your rite by quenching the flame, pouring the water onto the ground and burying the flowers into the Earth. It is done.

A few simple things that you can do if you don't want to do an elabrote ritual is to find something you can give to the Gods as an offering such as food of any kind (except meat), necklace charms, milk, magickal stones or even water can be offered. The offering should be placed in a special bowl that is used only for this reason. Place the offering in the bowl or directly into the ground and say :
What I take I freely give.
Accept this offering, God and Goddess.


I give this symbol of my devotion.
May it strengthen my bonds with you.

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