Reverse a Spell

This is to be used to reverse a spell cast upon a person, and return
the spell upon the one who cast it.  WARNING:  Because of the Law of
Threes, depending on the strength of the cast spell, this could cause
great harm to the original spell-caster.  This should only be used in
dire need.

You will need a cast iron cauldron, a pile of oak wood, some mistletoe
herb, water and 2 - 5 pounds of salt.

Collect the hair, nail clippings or anything of the person upon whom the spell was cast.
Consecrate the ground and cover it with a layer of salt to prevent evil
from interfering.  Pile the Oak wood and light it.  Place what ever was collected from the person into water in
the cauldron and boil.  Add mistletoe and perform an incantation.  The
spell is reversed.

As with any spell work, it were best to perform the spell inside a cast
circle for protection.