Meanings of Animals

Bat- Rebirth, transition, initiation, changes for the better,
moon magic.

Bear- Sub/Unconscious mind, strength, grounding, inner energy
of the soul, healing, inner knowing, earth magic. face our fears, to
seek knowledge through meditation, and to search for wisdom in our dreams. The
bears medicine is healing, renewal, physic powers and the ability to grant powers to
those who honor it.

 Cat- Independance, cleverness, a balancing of energies, moon
magic. The cat increases mystic powers, allows physic vision.
The cats medicine power also includes grace, understanding mystery, cleansingand purification.

Cheetah: swiftness, speed, making events occur quicker. 

Cobra: spiritual wisdom from the Goddess, protecting yourself from religious persecution. 

Cougar- Strength, power, realization of your own power, fire

 Coyote- Wisdom, the joker, time for adapting, folly, fire

Crow: thief. trickery, boldness, skill, cunning, single-mindedness, a bringer of knowledge, swiftness,
eloquence, shape-shifting. The Celtic Shaman have long associated the crow with
magic and as a teller of truth. The American Indians believe the crow to be the
Trickster and the Law Giver. The crow is assertive and a successful survior. The
crows medicine is boldness, and intuitive knowledge of universal laws.

 Deer- Gentleness, alertness, camouflage, noticing outside
influences, physical pacing, innocence, earth magic.

 Dog- Companionship, faithfulness, warnings, loyalty, earth and moon magic.

Dragon: elemental magick, extra power to magick, protection and intruction in the spiritual. 

Dragonfly: dreams, illusions, understanding dreams, seeing the truth in any situation or person. 

 Dolphin- Curiosity, playfulness, psychic abilities, power of sound, water
 magic.Dolphins grant emotional healing, wisdom and
clarity of reason.
The dolphins medicine is unconditional love, harmony and communication.

Eagle: swiftness, strength, courage, wisdom, keen sight, knowledge of magick, ability to see hidden
spiritual truths. he eagle is known for its ability to open our soul
to spirit quests and to soar to great spiritual heights. Shamans call upon the eagle
to assistthem in developing their own shamanic powers. The eagles medicine is
clear vision, illumination and the ability to see far.

 Elephant- Strength, power, memory, moon magic. asscoiated with long life and a
good memory.The elephants represents strength and good luck. The elephant
medicine is that it will help the shaman get it touch with ancient memories.

Falcon: Astral travelling, healing, soul healing, the release of a soul for a dying person and magick. 

Ferret: getting information, seeing truth behind the facade. 

 Fox- Cunning, slyness, elusiveness, cleverness, invisibility, fire magic.

 Goat- The ability to climb higher than you are,surefootedness, flexibility,
 healing, sun magic.

 Groundhog- Studies, building, trances, dreams, one who ispassionate about
pursuing their interests, earth magic.

Hawk: clear sightedness, being observant, far-memory, overcoming problems, courage, defense, wisdom,
illumination, new life, creativity, recalling past lives, truth and experience. 
The hawk is the messenger to the Great Spirit, for
they are the greatest flyers. The hawk relays prayers swiftly. The hawks medicine
is the
ability to see far, and to open the spirit to inner visions.

 Horse- Power, strength, travel, clairvoyance, freedom,stability, courage,
 earth and moon magic.

Jaguar- Focused power, power, strength, courage, fire magic. According to Mayan beliefs, the journey of the sun across the sky and the darkness of night stood for the
eternal journey of human consciousness and its transformations. The sun at midday was compared to
the Eagle, flying high in the sky. Then it plunges below the horizon, just as we plunge into the dark
where we face our spiritual challenges and are transformed. The hidden sun was said to be Jaguar,
whose spotted skin symbolized the stars glittering in the night sky. Thus, it was called the "Jaguar Sun."
Jaguar is the earth father. As earth father, he presides over the sacred power in the earth and the animals
who live upon it. The force that lives within the mountains, which gives them their volcanic and
transformative power, is the same underworld source of power and energy as the Jaguar Sun.

 Leopard- Inner instincts, strength, stealth, fire and earth magic.

 Lion- Strength, elusiveness, leadership, willpower,invincibility, sun and
 fire magic. The lion is associated with the sun god. In size,
strength, and spirit no other member of the cat family can match the lion. The lions
medicine is vigor, strength, courage, and nobleness of spirit.

 Lynx- The hidden and unseen, seeing the truth behind lies andflasehoods,
 secrets, air magic.

 Moose- Patience, sacred energy, ability of self concealment,power of life
 and death magic, earth magic.

 Mouse- Innocence, faith, trust, fastidious, attention to details, earth magic.

 Otter- Togetherness, curiosity, awakening, playfulness, joy, creativity,
 imagination, water magic.

 Owl- Wisdom, shadow work, farseeing, darkness, air magic. The owl's flight is silent. Owl is the keeper of
Moonlight Vision and those who honor the owl come to understand magic, wisdom, the
mysteries andpowers of the right. The Celtic Shaman holds the owl in high regard,
recogizing the owl as a magical bird who brings visions, inner knowing and
acceptance. The owl's medicine is knowledge of the soul.

 Panther- Valor, ferocity, flexing of the psyhic and spiritual
muscles, power, strength, earth magic.

Phoenix: rebirth, renewal, growth spiritually, the renewal of strength and energy. 

 Porcupine- Curiosity, cautiousness, being bold in actions and
words, resistance, wonder, earth magic.

 Prairie Dog- Community, family, society, health,responsibilities, expression
 of emotion, earth magic.

 Rabbit- Faith, nurturance, fertility, movement, sensitivity,
luck, moon magic.

 Racoon- Curiousity, dexterity, cleanliness, secrecy,disguises, moon and
 earth magic.

 Rat- Shrewdness, adaptibility, success, social, restlessness,earth magic.

 Raven- Inner journeys, dreams, destiny, air magic. Like their relatives, the crows, ravens were known throughout Europe as death birds and other-world
messengers. Valkyries wore black raven feathers in their role of Choosers of the Slain. Dead warriors on
the battlefield were called "feeders of ravens" in skaldic verse. Some of the skalds' kennings (metaphors)
for the raven included "blood-swan" and "blood-goose". Among the Celts, ravens were sacred to the
other-world Bird Goddess Rhiannon, and also incarnations of the death-dealing Morrigan. Ravens
brought omens of death. It was often said that ravens could foretell outbreaks of the plague.

Because of their association with the other world, ravens were viewed as oracles and teachers of magic.
Ravens gave magical instruction to the Celtic god Lug and to his Norse counterpart Odin. An adept in
the first stage of Mithraic initiation took the title of Raven, which was linked with the lunar sphere. Later
stages carried the titles of Bridegroom, Warrior, Lion, Persian, Sunrunner, and Pater. A fourteenth
century Italian manuscript said that the high position and honor would surely come to a person who
owned an amulet showing a raven standing on a serpent's tail. Among the Eskimo, Siberians, and
Indians of some northwestern American tribes, Raven was a major god who married the Great Mother,
brought dry land out of the sea, and finally sacrificed himself to provide magical wisdom for men. In
Christian tradition, however, ravens were often said to be the souls of wicked persons.

 Rhinoceros- Wisdom, short temper, past lives, high sensitivity to emotions,
 earth magic.

Seal: protection from malicious gossip or physical danger. 

 Serpents- Health, fertility, faith, magical power, sun and water magic.

 Skunk- Respect, and self-esteem, playfulness, steadiness, patience, earth

 Squirrel- Awareness, sociable, playful, preparations, activity, energy, earth

 Tiger- Power, strength, courage, skillfullness, stealth, tactfulness,
 loyalty, passion, adventures, fire magic.

 Weasel- Sly, loners, ability to escape tight spots relatively unharmed,
 observation, secretive, earth magic.

 Whale- Creativity, awakening of inner senses, family, inspiration, water

 Wolf- Spirit, freedom, intelligence, social, guardianship, protection,
 wisdom, earth and moon magic. The wolf is the Sage the Great Teacher. The wolf
tolerates no shriking
 of duty, and they mate for life. The wolf preys natural upon the weak and therefore
insures the that they do not multiply. The wolf's medicineis inner strength, courage, love and loyalty.