Purify Your Relationship Spell

 On a Friday, include your relationships. Place a cauldron in the center of your altar with a red candle
 on the right, a black one on the left, and a white
 one at the back of the altar. Draw an unbroken 
 circle around the altar with pieces of elder 
 blossoms, rose petals, marjoram, mint, and rue.
 Inside the cauldron place a vial of oils containing
 clove,  frankincense, lavender, and jasmine. Then await the Full Moon. When the Full Moon arrives, light the candles, anoint your chakras with oil, and 
 move throughout your home allowing the smoke to
 fill  all corners and descend over you. Once this is done, give thanks and extinguish the candles.  
 by Sheri Richerson

Home blessing: (Dorothy Morrison) Take Sandalwood incense to the front east wall of the house and light it saying: "Air with smoke now blow away Unpleasant energy from this place." Travel along every wall in the house, and say the chant with each room you enter. Leave the incense in the centre of the room. Proceeding as described above, take a white candle to the front south wall. Light the candle and say: "Candle flame that flickers bright, Burn negative energy with your light." Take a dish of water to the west wall. Sprinkle the water along the walls and chant: " Water wash this house and clean Away all dirt and negativity." Take a bowl of salt to the north wall. Sprinkle the salt as you walk and say: "Salt of Earth, both fertile and pure, Against negative energy, this house secure". Stand in the centre of the house, spread your legs slightly and open your arms as if to embrace the sky. As you do, say: "God/dess of the home and hearth, Bless these walls and give them warmth! Bless the windows, roof and floor! Bring joy to those who grace my door! And grant to all who enter here Ease of sorrow, pain, and fear. Bring rest and comfort to the tired. Bring ease to anger - quench it's fire. Imbue this house with love and light And laughter, joy, and sunshine, bright! Make this home a happy place Where all feel welcome in it's space. And see that only good befalls Those who live within these walls." Let the candle and incense burn out. It is done.

A Spell to Purify and Bless a Dwelling When talking possession of a new home, it is wise to cleanse the premises of residual energy left over from previous tenants. The rite described below is a traditional European method of exorcising this energy - it may also be used in an office or store, or in a home already occupied. You will need a few basic materials for the rite: incense, either stick, cone or charcoal burning water with added salt in a glass or dish bread that is regularly consumed by the self or family a white candle in candle holder a bell, preferably with a sweet ring Arrange each item in a circle around you in that part of the house you consider to be the psychic hub of the dwelling - perhaps the kitchen or family room. While sitting comfortably within the middle of circle, light the candle and incense. Relax, breathing deeply for a moment to ground yourself, then take the salt and water mixture in your hands and say: “With this salt of the earth and water of the rains I purify this place of all but the most pure and beneficent energies. Walk about the entire dwelling sprinkling the mixture as you go. Return to the circle and replace the salt and water. Take up the candle and say: “With this light I bring truth and wisdom to this place. Walk about the home with the candle and return to the circle. Take up the bell and say: “With this bell I call forth love and joy, within this place all are bright and happy. Ring the bell as you move about the home. With the bread in hand, say: “In this place there is abundance and prosperity. Leave small chunks of bread in every room. With the incense in hand, say: “With this sweet perfume I bring peace and harmony here, all words and deeds in this place are sweet and harmonious. Walk about the home wafting smoke into every corner. Return to the circle and relax. Feel the energies moving and circulating within the home. Enjoy the atmosphere and when you are ready blow out the candle and put away all items used in the rite. Leave the chunks of bread strewn about the home overnight and remove them in the morning.

Self-Purification Ritual by Jessica

First, and most importantly, you must be comfortable. I've found that either sitting down or laying down help with this. Find a place that feels good, a place you are familiar with and comfortable in.

Next, light one sandlewood and one sage incense. (You may use homemade or store bought.) Place one on either side of you.

Concentrate on feeling positive energy flow through your body. Use this energy to envelope all your impurities. As this positive energy engulfs your negative impurities, try to draw the negative energy out of yourself.

As the smoke from the incense rises, it takes the impurities with it. Feel the smoke wrap around your body drawing the impurities into it. As the impurities leave you, you will feel the negative energy leave as well, lifting a weight off of you.

When you feel your impurities gone, you should allow the incents to burn out, carrying positive energy with them.

Mental Healing

You should use mental healing for stress. It is helpful for focusing yourself on a single task and relieving tension. It may also help with headaches and other tension related symptoms. It is simple and involves mostly relaxing techniques.

First, prepare a bath of warm water. To this bath addone part sage, two parts lavender, one part cinnemon, and one part rosemary; just enough to have pleasent scent. Imerse yourself in the water. Feel the tension from your body and mind flow into the water.

When you are imersed in the water, relax into a trance-like state. Feel your positive energy flow through your body. You should feel your energy magnified by the water. Sit in the water until it is no longer comfortable or cold. When you get out of the tub, you leave your tension and stress in the water. As the water washes down the drain, so does your stress.

When you get out of the tub you should feel relaxed and positively energized. If you still feel tension, try a self purification.