Psychic Spells

Psychic Herb Jar

An herb jar to enhance your powers physically and mentally.

Fill one jar with the following:

Cinnamon (for dream magick)

Nutmeg (for good luck)

Allspice (healing)

Ginger (lunar magick)

Basil (protection)

Fennel Seeds (spiritual healing)

Garlic (spiritual purification)

Marjoram (protection)

Sage (spiritual purification)

Cloves (protection)

Mustard Seed (protection)

Before you do any scrying-of any kind-inhale the scent deeply and shake the
jar gently.

Psychic Awareness
Put a cauldron of water on the alter. Light white candles and appropriate incense. Say:

Open the door to my inner life;
Reveal the past to me.
Open the door to my inner life,
That my way may be made free.
Send me the light of your cosmic fire;
Make my path bright clear.
Give me a sign, that's no will of mine,
To show me your presence is here.

Follow this by meditation and divination with the cauldron. Sometimes this must be done for several nights leading up to the Full Moon before your "Inner Doors" begin to open.
Blessed Be,

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