Spells of Protection

7 Techniques for Protection
Here are seven techniques from which anyone can benefit: 

1 - Smudging ? Smudging refers to passing yourself or an object through sacred
smoke as a means of purification. When burned, certain herbs release a high
vibrational energy that is used to purify unwanted, harmful forces ? what most
people call negative energy. Herbs like sage, cedar, sweet grass, pine, and
lavender can be burned, as well as incenses such as frankincense, myrrh, and
copal. Simply wave the smoking substance around you and make sure you pass
through the smoke. Don?t do too much. It?s an energetic process, not a physical
one, so you don?t have to feel like you are asphyxiating. 

2- Sea Salt Bath ? Similar to smudging, taking a sea salt bath can cleanse the
physical body as well as the energy. Put two tablespoons of sea salt or kosher
salt in your bath water and soak. Imagine all the stress and harmful energy you
have accumulated or taken on from others flowing into the water. Sit in the
bathtub as its drains and imagine it flowing down the drain, neutralized by the
salt and water. I have a friend who puts a spray bottle of sea salt and water
and gives herself a little spritz and sponge bath. The salt neutralizes any
harmful energies, and then she just wipes it off. It's a great way to clear
yourself if you're on the run and a bath is too time consuming. 

3 - Amulet ? Symbols and charms have long been lauded for their protective
powers. In almost every culture, there is a tradition of wearing or carrying a
particular amulet, often blessed by a priest/tess, to confer the powers of
divine protection upon the wearer. Take a symbol you find sacred and divine.
Find it in a jewelry or pendant form. If you cannot, try drawing the symbol on
a piece of paper or wood, and carrying it with you. If you are Christian, use a
cross. If you are Wiccan, use a pentacle. Hindu, try the Ohm symbol. There are
a variety of symbols, from the Star of David to the Hammer of Thor. Find the
one that speaks protection to you. Smudge the amulet and hold it in both hands.
Think about protection and infuse your thoughts into the amulet, activating its
power to protect in the name of your divinities. Carry the charm with you to
receive its protection. 

4 - Protection Stone ? Like a symbolic amulet, you can carry a stone known for
its protective and grounding qualities with you. Most dark colored stones have
magical associations with protection. Some of my favorite choices are hematite,
smoky quartz, onyx, obsidian, jet, and aragonite. Other stores that are
protective include red jasper, amber, citrine, and clear quartz. Like an
amulet, cleanse your stone and infuse your intention into it. 

5 - Meditation ? Meditation is one of the greatest keys to psychic defense.
Regular meditation practice leaves you clear, centered, and in a mental place
where you can respond to potential threats, rather than unconsciously react to
them. It doesn?t matter the style or tradition of meditation. Regular practice
is the key. You will not get the long term psychic protection benefits of
meditation by doing it only once every few weeks. It must be like exercise,
done regularly. I suggest at least three times a week. If you can do it daily,
so much the better. 

6- Healthy Emotional Boundaries ? Emotional boundaries are not the most esoteric
form of psychic defense, but one that quite a few people leave out. Sometimes
psychic defense - particularly from people who are harmful to us, intentionally
or unintentionally - is the ability to say ?no? and stick to it. If someone
asks you to do something or go somewhere, and you only say yes because you are
afraid of being ?mean? or ?letting them down? but you know its not a good
situation for you, you must learn to say no. As an adult, only you define what
is acceptable and unacceptable in your life. Draw those boundary lines and
stick to them. 

7 - Living Your True Will ? The best form of psychic self-defense is to live out
your true will. What is your divine purpose? Find it! Then actually live it. If
you are doing what you are meant to be doing, the universe will support you and
very little anyone else does or says will be able to stop you. You true will,
or what some call your magical will, is not your destiny. It doesn?t happen
regardless. This your partnership with the divine. You must choose to fulfill
it. But once you choose to be a full, conscious partner with the divine, you
will have a divine protection that will help you in all of life?s difficult

For more information and an expanded view on these techniques, and a whole
philosophy on psychic self defense, look to my full length work, The Witch?s
Shield: Protection and Psychic Self Defense. May the divine guide, bless, and
protect each of your steps.

Date: 2004-07-12 By: Christopher Penczak

To Rid Yourself of a Threat

4 tblspns frankincense or myrrh
4 tblspns black powdered iron
4 tblspns sea salt
4 tablespoons orris root powder
1 white candle
1 bottle with cork or lid
1 mortar and pestle
parchment paper
black pen
black thread

Mix sea salt, orris root and iron in a bowl. Then 
cut a piece of
parchment to fit inside the bottle. Write on it:

"I neutralise the power of (name) to do me any 
harm. So mote it be."

Roll up the parchment, tie it with black thread 
and place in the bottle.
Fill the bottle with dry ingredients. Take the 
white candle, turning the
bottle counterclockwise, and drip wax over the 
cork to seal. Secretly
bury the bottle where no person or animal will 
dig it up.

(Source Unknown)
To Protect an Object (Scott Cunningham): 

With the first and middle fingers, trace a pentagram over the object to be
protected.  Visualize electric blue or purple flame streaming from your
fingers to form the pentagram.  Say this as you trace: 

"With this pentagram I lay 
Protection here both night and day. 
And the one who should not touch 
Let his fingers burn and twitch 
I now invoke the law of three: 
This is my will, so mote it be!" 

Basil Protection Spell

You will need:

     1 orange candle
     1 carnation

Place the carnation in water, and the basil in front of the candle.
deeply, and clear your mind. Begin to concentrate on the powers of
protection and say in a powerful voice:
" I call in the guardians and the power of the masculine and feminine. I
surround myself with the fire of protection. The earth's grace supports
The winds bring me gentle shifts and the flow of water eases the energy
of this
time. I believe in this protection and I release my fears, so that I may
to the pulse of life. I ask that this be done within the greater good.
So be it,
and so it is. "
Let the candle burn as long as you like. Throw the basil out on the full

Supplies: You will need:
White Candle
Sandalwood or Dragonsblood Incense
Ground Sage
High John or Dragonsblood Oil or substitute with Olive Oil
Wine, Juice or Water
Light a white candle calling on Cerridwen, asking for protection. Have water or wine in a chalice or cup, as you drink it visualize that it is pure cleansing energy. Light the candle along with incense just after you cast your circle. Then Say:
"Cerridwen, Lady of Inspiration and Transformation, we call you here to put things right again." "Transform the negative thought and pain and help our life be whole again." "Lady share with us this wine. Bring your protection to flood this life of my family and mine" "May the waters of your eternal womb bring change most divine."
Take a sip of wine or water, visualizing it as pure liquid energy, see this energy filling your home. (remember to save some of the liquid to give to the outdoor sprites) Then state your petition, burn some sage in a bowl, cauldron, shell etc. carrying it through the house chanting "negativity be gone". Go back to the altar asking Cerridwen to replace the void you have created in your home with protective energy and spirits. Then thank the Lady and Lord for their help, and dismiss the quarters.

The Tower of Light Exercise

1. Stand erect, feet shoulder-width, arms at your sides, breathing evenly and deeply.

2. Progressively relax your entire body starting from the top of your head working slowly down to the bottoms of your feet.

3. Mentally visualise that you are surrounded by a long ellipsoid of intense, bright blue light that extends 9 inches outwardly from every point on the surface of your body.

4. Continue to maintain this image and visualise a globe of brilliant white light above (but not touching) your head. The globe is inside of your bright blue aura.

5. Concentrate on this bright white globe so that it becomes brighter, glowing white like burning magnesium.

6. Keep both images of the bright blue aura and the brilliant white globe and mentally aspire to the highest standards of morality, good, and love that you can.

7. Next, feel the white globe showering you with glittering white light filled with silver sparkles.This white light should permeate your entire being, coursing vibrantly through you.

8. The outer shell of your aura should be an intense bright blue filled with the vibrant, sparkling white light. Concentrate on this complete image as long as you can, fully believing in its reality. Feel your outer auric shell as a hard, sharply defined blue as you feel blissful and alert.

9. As you close, let the image fade slowly while believing that it is not fading from reality.

Spell to protect your home during lightning

-Light one white candle and one yellow candle and place them in a placeof importance in your home ( your altar or dining room table). Walk through the house, room by room, chanting the following words until you have visited every room of your house:
Mistress of gentle rain,
Master of the storm,
Guard against ill and bane,
Shield me (us) from harm.
And while fire flies through the air
And raindrops fiercly blast,
Keep my loved ones in your care
'Til the storm has passed.
Wind, wind guard my kin.
Flame, flame do not maim.
Rain, Rain quickly wane.
Earth, Earth, guard my worth.

The house is now protected til the storm passes.

To protect you while you sleep

Mix salt and water from your altar together. Starting at the NOrthern point next to your bed, sprinkle the mixture around the bed while saying:
Water and Earth
where you are
Cast no spell
Or adverse purpose
Haste if not
In complete accord with me
As my word
So mote it be!

Visualize a protective box of energy from as you say this.

Mirror Spell for protection of the home

You will need: a censer, a Goddess image, 12 inch round mirror ( or any size), 9 white candles, protective incense (sandalwood, frankincense and myrrh, or rosemary), matches or a lighter, and lots of room to move.

Place the items on the altar. make a circle with the candles and put the lit incense in the middle. Begin with the camdle closest to the Goddess image. Light the candle and say:
Lunar light protect me (us)!

Repeat as you light each candle until are are glowing. Now hold the mirror, invoke the Goddess in Her lunar aspect with these or similiar words :
Great Goddess of lunar light
And Mistress of the Seas;
Great Goddess of the mystic night
And of the mysteries;
Within this place of candlelight
And with my mirror tonight,
Protect me (us) with your awesome might
While ill vibrations fly!

Stand before the altar, hold the mirror facing the candles the light is reflected to your surroundings. Keeping the mirror towards the candles, move slowly clockwise around the circle, and watch the candle light reflect. Gradually increase your speed, mentally invoking the Goddess to protect you. Move faster (but not so fast you get dizzy and fall into the altar =) ) and watch the light smash the negative energy around you. Keep this up until you feel the atmosphere change and your home feels cleansed.

When finished, stand once again before the image. Thank the Goddess in any words you wish. Pinch out the candles (or snuff them out), bind them together with a white cord and store them in a safe place until and if you need it again.

A Witch's Bottle for protection

Gather a bottle or jar with a tight fitting lid, rosemary, needlesm and pins. Fill the jar with these items, saying as you work:
Pins, needles, rosemary and wine
In this witch's bottle of mine,
Guard against harm and bad ill:
This is my will
So mote it be!

Visualize the items doing just that. When the jar is full, pour in some red wine. Then cap the jar and seal it with candle wax from a red or black candle. Bury it at the furthest most spot form your house on your property or place it in a place where it will not be seen. ( i personally recommend burying it. I made one and placed it in our attic. I must not have sealed it that well with the wax because when the wine got warm, it came out of the jar.)

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