Planet Correspondences

Planet of good luck, optimism, success and generosity. Brings joy to life. 
Identified with idea of expansiveness and abundance. Jupiter's Kingdom is luck, 
health and happiness, wealth and worldly goods, power and high position. Rules 
over knowledge, higher learning, breadth of vision and honesty. Influence 
bestows a willingness to partake of life, to gather hew experiences. Influence 
can make you extravagant, lazy, luxury-loving and blindly optimistic. Planet of 
Planet of responsibility and symbolizes the ethics of hard work. Influences that 
a person's character is strengthened through trial and difficulty. Planet of 
diligence, self control and limitation. Domain is patience, stability, maturity 
and realism. Influence is stern and restrictive, cold and severe. Effect is to 
delay rewards until they are earned. Bestows an ability to wait. Planet of 
courage, steadfastness and integrity. Negative influence is over ambition, 
calculating and selfish, solitary, inhibited, and unhappy associated with 
inflexibility, cruelty, humorousness, and pessimism. Represents illness, 
handicaps, and misfortune, our destiny. Rules fate, things we cannot escape and 
payment that must be made for what is received.

Planet of change and originality, symbolizing the element of surprise. Brings 
sudden events and opportunities. Awakens, shocks, revolutionizes. Responsible 
for the flash of human genius that creates something new. Planet of the future, 
associated with modern science, invention, electricity, humanitarian movements, 
and revolution. Planet of sudden upheaval and swift, unexpected happenings. 
Domain is all that is new, original, different, and unorthodox. Relates to inner 
will and secret power. The guiding force behind the visionary. Tends to make one 
eccentric in behavior, undisciplined, reckless and perverse. Brings change, new 
situations, and new people into our lives. Gifts are sudden and ephemeral, take 
immediate advantage before they flash by. Message is to move with change and not 
be afraid of the future.

Communication, intellect, skills. Planet of intelligence and the mind. 
Associated with speed and agility. Rules over intelligence, perception and 
reason, memory, speaking and writing. Reflects the way you see, hear, understand 
and assimilate information. Day to day travel, short trips, and the various 
means of transportation have under it's dominion. Controls functions of the 
nerves, arms, hands and fingers. Also rules the voice. Negative side produces 
tendency to be critical, sarcastic, argumentative and sly.
Planet of love and pleasure. Rules capacity to express affection and to enjoy 
beauty. Rules over love affairs, art and beauty, adornment and decoration, the 
social graces, affection, harmony, and friendship. Governs the higher emotions. 
Venus makes life beautiful. Rules ability to love and to share with another 
person. Other side of influence is encourages more importance on pleasure, ease 
and luxury then on self discipline. A strong streak of narcissism and lack of 
will power indicates negative side is stressed.
Planet of physical energy. Governs sex drive, forcefulness and aggression. 
Governs energy, boldness, the will to win, the ability to turn ideas into 
action. Planet of passion, sexuality and force. Signifies ambition, desire, 
courage and strength. Governs the sex organs. Influence also brings strife and 
conflict, tension and anger, accidents and destruction. It rules heat, fire, 
earthquakes, violence and war. Negative side can cause sudden injury or illness. 
Represents unleashed energy and human will.

Planet of mystery and illusion. Power is that of the imagination. Represents 
your dream life and you mystic qualities. Planet of bewitchment. Planet of 
idealism and spirituality. Realm is the subconscious world, hidden memory, 
intuition and clairvoyance. Positive side of influence represents glamour and 
mystery, artistic imagination, dreams and vision. Negative side is characterized 
by deception, confusion, fraud, treachery and sham. Rules over a wide domain of 
human activity, from motion pictures, drama, dance and poetry to hypnosis and 
anesthesia, hospitals, institutions and prisons, poison and drug addiction. 
Brings one into contact with a higher place of consciousness. Symbolizes 
perfection. Represents unselfish ideals, your spiritual quest, and sear for the 
Impossible Dream.

Planet of awesome power, but is still found largely inexplicable and difficult 
to understand. Brings to light things hidden in the depths of your subconscious, 
releases dormant forces, and causes suppressed energies suddenly to erupt. 
Signifies death and rebirth. Planet of regenerative forces, of destruction and 
annihilation, and then complete transformation. Key word is elimination. Pluto 
wipes the slate clean. Influences masses of humanity, enormous groups of people 
and large organizations. Rules over disruptive elements in nature as earthquakes 
and volcanoes. It's power has been likened to that of nuclear fission, which 
both destroys and creates. Governs the uncovering of secrets of the past in 
order to clear ground for the future. Force is felt as an undercurrent of 
turbulence and uncontrolled energy. Strong negative power may cause one to be 
cruel, sadistic, treacherous or even lead a life of crime. Represents the 
highest and lowest of which mankind is capable. Governs impulses in our secret 
psyches that we do not yet fully understand.

Other Info.

Diameter, 3,100 miles.
Distance from the sun, 36 million miles.
Orbits the sun every 88 days.
Rotates on its axis in 59 days.
Associated metal, quicksilver.
Associated colour, grey.
Associated Gods are Mercury and Hermes.
Associated angel, Raphael.
Associated period of life, childhood.
Magically used to bring about liasons, communications, adaptation, and

Diameter, 7,700 miles.
Distance from the sun, 67 million miles.
Orbits the sun every 225 days.
Rotates on its axis in 244 days.
Associated metal, copper.
Associated colour, green.
Associated Goddesses are Venus, Aphrodite, and Quetzalcoatl.
Associated angel, Amael.
Associated period of life, adolescence.
Venus has also been called Arlig (the warrior), Star of Light (Lucifer),
and Tcholban (Dazzling One).
Magically used to bring about love, attraction, harmony, peace,
gentleness, and harmony.

Diameter, 7,920 miles.
Distance from the sun, 93 million miles.
Orbits the sun every 365 days.
Rotates on its axis in 244 days.
Associated symbol, square.

Diameter, 4,200 miles.
Distance from the sun, 141 million miles.
Orbits the sun every 687 days.
Rotates on its axis in 24 hours and 24 minutes.
Associated metal, iron.
Associated colour, red.
Associated angel, Samael.
Associated period of life, the prime of life.
Associated Gods, Mars and Ares.
Emotionally associated with rage and passion.
This planet was also called 'the star of evil' in the Middle Ages.
Magically used for gaining energy, gaining enthusiasm, and for agression
and confidence.

Diameter, 88,640 miles.
Distance from the sun, 483 million miles.
Orbits the sun every 11.9 years.
Rotates on its axis in 9 hours and 50 minutes.
Associated metal, tin.
Associated colour, blue.
Associated Gods, Jupiter, Taranis, and Zeus.
Associated angel, Zachariel.
Associated period of life, old age.
Magically used to bring about balance, to gain authority, and to bring
about structure in one's life.

Diameter, 74,500 miles.
Diameter of rings, 165,000 miles.
Distance from the sun, 886 million miles.
Orbits the sun every 29.5 years.
Rotates on its axis in 10 hours 39 minutes.
Associated metal, lead.
Associated colour, black.
Associated Gods, Saturn and Cronos.
Associated angel, Oriphiel.
Associated period of life, senility or death.
Magically used to bring about justice, this planet has a strong
association with the government.

Diameter, 32,000 miles.
Distance from the sun, 1,782 million miles.
Orbits the sun every 84 years.
Rotates on its axis in 23 hours.
This planet was discovered on March 13, 1781.
Magically used for brand-new beginnings. Electricity and human muscles
fall under this planet's influence.

Diameter, 31,000 miles.
Distance from the sun, 2,793 million miles.
Orbits the sun every 165 years.
Rotates on its axis in 15 hours 48 minutes.
Associated Gods are Neptune and Poseidon.
Magically, this planet rules the subconscious: inspirations, intuitions,
paranormal activities, and even madness.
This planet was discovered on September 23, 1846.

Diameter, 1,500 miles.
Distance from the sun, 3,670 million miles.
Orbits the sun every 248 years.
Rotates on its axis in 6 days 7 hours.
Magically used to bring about direct and immediate beneficial change.
All technology stands under the realm of this planet's influence.
Metaphysically, this planet has also been called the Prince of Darkness.
It relates to our deep inner psyches and those dark secrets we never