Lunar Phases and Magick

Most Wiccans do their magickal workings according to the phases of the moon. Of course they may be a time when a magickal working needs to be done in case of an emergency. The phasses of the moon are:

New Moon Magick

The moon rises at dawn and sets at sunset. For the best use of
this energy, magick should be performed between dawn and sunset.
This is not to say that you cannot work at night. However, to get
the most punch for your magick, choose the correct timing. Also
check the planetary hours to give added power to the working.

New Moon workings can be done from the day of the new moon to 3
1/2 days after. Naturally, the closer you are to the new moon,
the better your chances of success. Your work should manifest by
the full moon or the next new moon. If it does not, repeat the

Things to work for include:
Beauty, Health, Self-Improvement, Farms and Gardens, Job Hunting,
Love and Romance, Networking.

Work on bringing abundance into your life. Picture the harmony
you desire, the current needs you have. Make a mind movie about
how you want both short-and long-term goals to manifest.
Concentrate also on parts of yoursel (body, mind, or spirit) that
need regeneration.

Crescent Moon Magick

The moon rises at mid-morning and sets after sunset. The
crescent's greatest strength would be at the midpoint. Check an
almanac for exact timing.

This phase lasts from 3 1/2 days after the new moon through the
seventh day. You can do some minor magicks each day to enhance
your goals and projects.

Things to work for include:
Animals, Business, Change, Emotions, Matriarchal Strength.

Continue to work on your mind movie for the manifestation of
goals and projects.

First Quarter (Waxing Moon) Magick

The moon rises at noon and sets at midnight. Sunset is the
primetime for waxing moon magick. Dusk is auspicious for fairies
and their energy. Altars devotions and offerings for the fairy
folk in return for a favor work especially well during this moon

Moon is from 7 to 10 1/2 days after the new moon. Check the
planetary hours for spellworking or additional ritual

Do rituals for:
Courage,Elemental Magick, Friends, Luck, Motivation.

Meditate upon Gods and Goddesses of strength and success in
pathworking exercises. Continue to use the mind movie. Instinct
and intuition are valuable assets during this time. Program your
mind both in and out of meditation to take advantage of these

Gibbous Moon Magick

The moon rises at mid-afternoon and sets about 3:00 a.m. This is
a wonderful time for workings around 10 or 11 p.m.

The moon is 10 1/2 to 14 days after the new moon.

Work for:

Continue your mind movie to bring small or large goals closer to
you.Mentally prepare yourself for the full moon energy yet to

Full Moon Magick

The moon rises at sunset and sets at dawn, therefore a midnight
working (or when the moon is directly overhead) is best.

The moon is from 14 to 17 1/2 days after the new moon.

Work for:
Artistic Endeavors, Beauty, Health and Fitness, Change and
Decisions, Children, Competition, Dreams, Families, Healing,
Knowledge, Legal Undertakings, Love and Romance, Money,
Motivation, Protection, Psychic Powers, Self-Improvement.

Meditations involving prophecy and power in occult skills should
be done now. Dream work is at its height. Keep a notebook by your
bed to record those important messages.

Disseminating Moon Magick

The moon rises at mid-evening and sets at mid-morning. The time
of souls (3 a.m.) would be the midpoint here. Check planetary
correspondences if you aren't inclined to wakefulness in the wee
hours of the morning.

The moon is 3 1/2 to 7 days after the full moon.

Workings should be focused upon:
Addiction, Decisions, Divorce, Emotions, Stress, Protection.

Meditations involve removal of outmoded thoughts, bad habits, or
anything that bothers you. Continue to work on thoughts of
abundance and joy in your life. Keep working on that mind movie
for short- and long-term goals.

Last Quarter (Waning Moon) Magick

The moon rises at midnight and sets at noon.

The moon is 7 to 10 1/2 days after the full moon.

Work involves:
Addictions, Divorce, Health and Healing (banishing disease),
Stress, Protection

Practice meditations to disentangle yourself from sticky
situations, bad interpersonal affairs, healing (with regard to
banishing illness), and removing bad habits. Again, keep working
on the mind movie for short- and long-term goals. Reaffirm the
positive things in your life.

Dark Moon Magick

The moon rises at 3:00 a.m. and sets at mid-afternoon. Despite
the oddity, around 10:00 a.m. is the strongest pull of the dark

Moon is 10 1/2 to 14 days after the full moon.

Workings involve:
Addictions, Change, Divorce, Enemies, Justice, Obstacles.
Quarrels, Removal, Separation, Stopping Stalkers and Theft.

Reach within yourself to pull out unwanted thoughts or desires.
Examine them and dismiss them. Continue the mind movie for
positive workings in your life.

Lunar Eclipses

There are two types of lunar eclipse:

1. Partial Eclipse
2. Penumbral Eclipse of the Moon

You will need a Planetary Guide to check dates and times during
the year when these two occur.

Choose long term goals you wish to work on well ahead of these
events. Eclipses represent the perfect union of sun and moon,
therefore practically any type of magick is acceptable.

Moon Void

The rule of thumb is to avoid doing anything important while the
moon is void of course. If what you have done during this period
works, consider yourself lucky.

Before the moon enters a new sign (Leo, Virgo, Cancer, etc.),
there is a sort of dead space.

The best way to explain this is through Wiccan terms.
The moon is between the worlds, in a time that is not a time, in
a space that is not a space--it is in a celestial void where
neither positive or negative energies behave as they normally do.
To make this circumstance more irritating, it never lasts the
same length of time. For example it could last only ten minutes,
or as much as a day and a half. It isn't a phenomenon you can set
your watch by, so you need to check either a planetary datebook
or pocket astrologer.

The effects of the void moon vary. Some people manifest scattered
energy, or that "I don't feel like myself today" position.
Decisions have a habit of bordering on the illogical. Individuals
under psychological counseling or drug therapy swing toward the
irrational. Of course, those who need counseling and refuse to
get it move toward more violent behaviors.

The general rule during this time revolves around stuff you
shouldn't do:
Don't do magick
Don't make major decisions
Don't make major purchases
Don't begin or complete any magickal operations
Don't make any major repairs

The void of course moon is a good time for relaxation and more
spiritual pursuits, such as studying or taking a walk in the
woods. It is like a cosmic time-out and can be very advantageous
if used properly.

The following table lists the appropriate times to do certain magicks or goals.

Lunar PhasesMagick and activities
Waxing to Full Moonabundance, artistic creations, attainment of goals
Waxingcareer moves, divination, fertility rituals, friendships, gardening and planting. good luck. growth of any kind, harmony, happiness, healings to increase health, inspiration, judgement, love magick, to increase wealth, obtaining goals, protection magick, to buy real estate, to stimulate and increase sexual desires, stregth, marriage, business partnerships, perform wish magick
Full Moonbeauty and health, blessings, communication, divination, fertility magick, judgements, love magick, obtaining things and goals, prophetic dreams, develope and stregthen psychic power, shapeshifting, house blessings, spirit conjurations, marriage and business partnerships, increase wisdom
Waningto end addictions, to break bad habits, to reverse bad luck, bindings, break curses or hexes, jealing to end sickness, free yourself from something or someone, banish negativity, banish nightmares, end hostility, sell real estate, weight loss
New Moonforgiveness, quests

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