The Pentagram and What It Symbolizes

Pagans/Wiccans view the pentagram as an amulet of protection, a symbol of balance, and a representation of the elemnts and the Gods. Pagans use the pentagram with a point facing up like the one see above. This is not an evil symbol!!!! The one "Satanist" use has it turned slightly so a point is facing straight down.

Paganism isn't the only religion that uses a 5 pointed star! Did you know in the Catholic religion, a 5 pointed star is used to represent Jesus hanging on the cross and the places he suffered his flesh wounds???

Each of the 5 points respresents one of the five elements:
1) Earth- represents stability and physical endurance. (bottom left point)

2) Fire-represents courage and daring.(bottom right point)
3) Water-represents emotions and intuition.(right point)

4) Air-represents intellegence and the arts(left point)

5) Spirit- represents all and the divine(top point).

The circle around the star represents Goddess and God and, at least to me, represents the continuing cyccle of life.