Night and Day

Timing a working for day or night also can add effectiveness to your spells.

Daytime workings are similar to the waxing Moon cycle, and nighttime spells are similar to the waning Moon cycle.

Daytime spells are solar in nature: masculine, male, active, energetic, in public, business, mental and rational, aggressive, community, group, or other-oriented, future.

Nighttime spells are lunar in nature: feminine, receptive, passive, hidden from view, private, personal, staying at home, retiring, emotional nurturing, past.

Dawn and dusk are times of transition, dawn corresponding to birth, daytime to life and activity, dusk to death, and nighttime to rest, repose, and time between lives, to start again at dawn and rebirth.

Noon is the time of the Sun's greatest power and people's vitality.

Midnight time for rest.

Night is the time when the veils between the world's are thinnest, and it is better for magic, spells, and esoteric or inner workings.

Source: Estelle Daniels