New Moon Ritual

                Prepration of space:

                With this broom, tool of our will, We do cleanse, purify and
                prepare our spaces. From these circles now we banish all fear,
                malice and misfortune, that these circles may be a fit meeting
                place for the Goddess and Gods and those attending here tonight.

                As I do will, so mote it be.


                Cast Circle

                Thrice about the circle is cast. Let nothing remain within save
                that which is in accord with our will and the intent if this rite.
                This is a place that is not a place, a time that is not a time,
                between the worlds and beyond. Let all be welcome who would share
                the blessings of this ritual.

                So mote it be.



                Darksome night and shining moon,
                East, South, West, and North;
                Hearken to the Witches' Rune,
                Here we come to call ye forth!
                Earth and water, air and fire,
                Wand and pentacle and sword,
                Work ye unto our desire,
                Hearken ye unto our work!
                Cords and censer, and knife,
                Powers of the Witch's blade
                Waken all ye into life,
                Come ye as the magick is made!

                Blessed Be!!!!!!!!!!


                Goddess Invocation

                White moon mother, come to us as love to lover.
                In the moonlight shining bright, we call
                to you by will and right. Magic and wisdom, secrets you bear,
                honor we give you, knowledge to share. Within this circle we
                have made a place, be here with us and show us grace.
                Bright one, be welcome.

                Blessed be!


                God Invocation

                Horned hunter, come to us with joy and wonder.
                You who offer death and return, we call
                to you with hearts that burn. Yours the law and yours the
                choosing, and yours the wild hunt's grand career. We welcome
                you freely, our guest and our master, you teach us not to be
                trapped within fear. Within this circle our hearts are open,
                be here with us Horned one, be welcome.

                Blessed be!


                "Now is the time for weaving our wills. As the Gods and
                Goddesses  lend us their strength, we draw it into for
                our use. We cast our  energies into the universe to
                create our destinies as we would have them be."

                (NOTE: Any or all of the following can be used or another 
                can be done instead)

                Healing Spell

                Write the names of the people taking part on a blue candle.

                Light the candle and see the energy being sent into
                the candle  and leaving through the smoke and flame
                to carry out your will.

                As it burns say:

                "The healing energy We call,
                To help us be healed,
                One and all.
                And to the spirits We do send,
                The strength to let their old lives end.
                Our lives are better now you see,
                And harming none,

                So Mote It Be!!!"


                Peace and Harmony Spell

                Please take a few second to reflect just where you
                need or want to see peace and harmony.

                Light the white candle and see the energy being sent into
                the candle and leaving through the smoke and flame
                to carry out your will.

                As it does say:

                Gracious Lady, hear our plea
                Grant me tolerance that We might see
                The need for diversity on the Earth
                and see its value and its worth.
                Help me to find the harmony
                in accepting what is meant to be,
                and replace my negitive attitude
                with perfect love and fortitude.
                Gracious Lady, hear our pleas.
                As We will, so mote it be!


                Money Spell

                On a green candle write the names of the people taking

                Light your candle. Focus on the energies being sent
                into it  and transformed as they escape through the
                smoke and flames into power to do our bidding.


                "As the flame burns,
                And the world turns,
                The energy to do our bidding yearns.
                Money comes to us we know,
                All the spirits say it's so.
                Lots of money We now claim.
                As the energies We tame.
                All our bills and needs now flee,
                With harm to none,

                So Mote It Be!!!"


                Spell to get work

                Write the names of the people we are saying this for
                on a red candle.
                Light the candle.
                As it burns picture the energies going out to the
                people and drawing jobs to them.


                "Candle flame now as you burn,
                The fate of friends now we do turn.
                To give them help in getting work,
                From this duty we'll not shirk.
                Good jobs they'll find,
                And right away.
                To let them drive their woes away.
                By the power of fire,
                We command thee.
                With harm to none,

                So Mote It Be!!!"



                Feel the magick in the air
                Done with love by those who care.

                Feel the magick in the air.
                Done with love by those who care.

                FEEL THE MAGICK IN THE AIR.




                At this time please use what ever is familar to you to ground.


                Celebration of the Simple Feast.

                Hold up your drink:

                "Lady Goddess,
                Mother of us all.
                Bless this drink,
                filling it with your love.
                In all the names of the mother and the father,
                We bless this drink to our use."

                Hold up your food:

                "Father of the harvest and us all,
                Bless this food,
                Filling it with your love.
                In all the names of the mother and the father,
                We bless this food to our use."


                Thank the Lady and Lord

                Lord and lady, We are blessed by your sharing this time
                with us, watching and quarding us, and guiding us here
                and in all things.

                We came in love and We depart in love.


                Thanking The Quarters

                North, West, South and East
                Beings and powers of the visible and invisible,
                depart in peace!
                You aid in our work, whisper in our mind,
                and bless us from the Otherworlds,
                and there is harmony between us.

                Your blessings we take with us
                as you take our love and
                thanks with you.

                Blessings have been given
                and blessings have been received
                and may the peace of the Goddess and the God
                remain in our hearts.

                SO MOTE IT BE!!!!!!!!!!