Moon Names

Some traditions and cultures have names for the full moon of the months. These names may reflect the seasons, the holidays, or what is happening to the land in the month. Here are a few I have collected from the internet or books.

I think this is from the Native Americans. I'm not positive about that.

November: Snow Moon; the snowy brightness and coolness of Her light is upon us.
December: Cold Moon ; the Sun is at its lowest point, and the Moon is a little colder.
January: Wolf Moon ; gather close to the hearth, for wolves draw closer now.
February: Ice Moon ; beneath a blanket of snow and ice, Nature rests.
March: Storm Moon ; the boisterous storms of the light half of the year begin.
April: Growing Moon ; seeds are ready to be planted, and growth begins.
May: Hare Moon ; rabbits leap and play in their mating games, and fertility abounds.
June: Mead Moon (or honey moon) ; honey is gathered for fermentation into mead.
July: Hay Moon ; a potent moon, as tides of psychic energy flow freely.
August: Corn Moon ; a time to contemplate the eternalness of life.
September: Harvest Moon ; time to collect the harvest and seed for new beginnings.
October: Blood Moon ; spirits of the departed join fhe sacred dance.