Moon Correspondences

Rules: Woman, cycles, birth, generation, inspiration, poetry, emotions,
travel, the sea and tides, fertility, rain, intuition, psychic ability,
secrets, dreams
New or Crescent Moon: The Maiden, birth and initiation, virginity,
beginnings, the hunt
Full Moo: The Mother, growth, fulfillment, sexuality, maturation, nurturing,
Waning or Dark Moon:  The Crone, the woman past menopause, old age, deep
secrets, wisdom, divination, prophecy, death and resurrection, endings
Day: Monday
Element: Water
New: White or silver
Full: Red or green
Waning: Black
Sign:  Cancer
Tone:  Ti
Letter:  S
Number: 3 or 9
Jewel: Moonstone, pearl, quartz, rock crystal
Incense:   Ginseng, jasmine, sandalwood
Plants: Banana, cabbage, chamomile, chickweed, cucumber, leafy vegetables,
lotus, melons, mushrooms, myrtle, opium, poppy, pumpkin, purslane, sea weed,
watercress, wild rose, wintergreen
Tree: Willow
Animals: Hare, elephant, cat
New: Artemis
Full: Diana, Mari
Waning: Hecate, Anna
Gods: Atlas, Khonsu, Sin

Miriam Simos from The Spiral Dance