Creating a Magical Formula

Everyone wants to perform spells and works of magic with consistent 
and reliable results.  There are essentially five so-called "ingredients" 
that comprise the art of creating successful works of magic.  You can 
adapt them or arrange them according to your own needs as long as you employ 
them all.  These components are personal will, timing, imagery, direction, and 
balance.  Let's look at each one and gain an understanding of the concept.

                                    Personal Will

Personal will can also be thought of as motivation, temptation, or 
persuasion.  In order to establish enough power to accomplish your 
goal, you must be sufficiently moved to perform a work of magic.  If you do not 
focus fully on the results, or if you invest only a small amount of energy 
in your desire, you are unlikely to realize any true results.  The stronger 
your need or desire is, the more likely it is that you will raise the amount of 
energy required to manifest what you seek.  However, desire or need is not 
enough by itself.  Bear in mind that desire must be controlled, and the will 
must be focused only upon a detatched view of the desired outcome of your 
spell or magical rite.  Enflame your mind in the intent while at the same time 
separating yourself from the desired result.  In other words, run the race 
mindful of the finish line but totally focused on the pace.


In the performance of ritual magic, timing can mean success or 
failure.  The best time to cast a spell or create a work of magic is when the 
target is most receptive.  Receptivity is usually assured when the target is 
passive.  People sleep, corporations close overnight and during holidays, etc.  
One must also take into account the phase of the Moon and the season of 
the year. Wiccans always work with nature and not against her.  Generally 
speaking, 4:00 a.m. in the target zone is the most effective time to cast a 
spell of influence over a person or situation.


The success of any work also depends on images created by the mind.  
This is where the imagination enters into the formula.  Anything that serves 
to intensify the emotions will contribute to success of your spell.  Any 
drawing, statue, photo, scent, article of clothing, sound, or 
situation that helps to merge you with your desire will greatly add to your 
success.  Imagery is a constant reminder of what you wish to attract or 
accomplish.  It acts as a homing device in its role as a representation of the 
object, person, or situation for which the spell is intended.  Imagery can be 
shaped and directed all according to the will of the Wiccan without 
detracting from focusing the mind on the spell's intent.  This becomes the pattern or 
formula that leads to realization of desire.  Surround yourself with images 
of your desire and you will resonate the vibrations that will attract the 
thing you desire.


Once enough energy has been raised, you must direct it toward your 
desire.  Do not be anxious concerning the results, because anxiety will act to 
draw the energy back to you before it can take effect.  Perform your spell 
casting with the expectation that the magic will work, accept that it has, 
and simply await its manifestation.  Reflecting back on the spell tends to 
ground the energy because it draws the images and concepts back to you.  Once 
the spell is cast, mentally detatch yourself and try to give the matter no more 
thought so as not to deplete its effectiveness.  Mark a seven-day period off 
on your calendar and evaluate the situation seven days later.  It usually 
takes about seven days (one lunar quarter) for magic to manifest.


The last aspect of magic one has to take into account is personal 
balance.  This means that one must consider the need for the work of magic and 
the consequences on both the spell caster and the target.  If anger 
motivates your magical work, then wait a few hours or sleep on it overnight.  
While anger can be a useful propellant for a spell, it can also cloud the 
thinking. If possible, make sure you have exhausted the normal means of 
dealing with something before you move to a magical solution.  Make sure you are 
feeling well enough to work magic and plan to rest afterward.  Magic requires 
a portion of your vital essence drawn from your aura.  Replenish this 
with rest even if you do not feel tired.  Health problems begin in the aura 
long before the body is aware of them.
by Raven Grimassi,
copyright 1998