Employment Spells

Work Opportunity Spell
Do you want advancement in your current career? 
Or are you seeking a whole new career? This New 
Moon can be the beginning of the physical 
manifestation of your answer to these questions. 
Therefore, you need to take care now. Keep in mind that 
the universe may show you it has other plans for 
you. Plot out the steps that you will need to take 
to get from point A (where you are now) to Point 
B (your desired end goal). Be realistic and 
specific in what you ask for. Light a gold candle, and 
place a tiger’s-eye in front of it. State these 
or similar words: "Capricorn’s Moon, Beginning and 
new, Your wisdom guides me in all that I do." 
Touch the thumbs and forefingers of both hands 
together to form a triangle. Center the triangle over 
the tiger’s-eye. Visualize yourself completing 
the steps necessary to reach your goal. Project 
your intent into the tiger’s-eye. Extinguish the 
candle. Carry the tiger’s-eye until your goal is 
achieved or you have an answer. 
Holiday lore: The lunar new year traditionally 
celebrates the planet’s renewed fertility. In 
China, during the fifteen-day waxing Moon, celebrants 
eat food, sing and dance, and promote happiness, 
health, fertility, and fortune for the year. In 
the spirit of setting things straight, all debts 
should be paid off now, and houses cleaned and 
draped with red flowers, banners, and decorations; 
red is considered lucky and dispels demons. 
Celebrants also avoid using swearwords during this 
season, lest they bring ill fortune to themselves, 
and parents warn children against blurting out such 
inauspicious words as “death” or “disaster,” or 
anything of similar sentiment.
by Karen Follett

Spell to find Employment By Ivy Rainriver Best moon time: Waxing Gemini (or an Earth sign) Ingredients: Parchment Paper and Pen Small stone that reflects prosperity or success (aventurine, green calcite, mother of pearl, pyrite) Small to medium sized bottle with cork or lid (make sure the stone will fit inside) Prosperity Oil Blend Prosperity Herbal Infusion Green candle Yellow candle Small piece of string or ribbon (preferably green or yellow) Ritual: Decorate your altar with prosperity and happiness in mind. Light Altar candles Cast circle/ call quarters Hold the green candle in your hands, charge it with prosperity
energy. Dress the candle with the prosperity oil. Carve the run Feoh into it using your working knife or a pin. Say “I charge this candle with green energy, to draw the perfect job to me.” Hold the yellow candle in your hands, charge it with positive-
feeling energy. Dress the candle with the prosperity oil. Carve the rune Wunjo into it using your working knife or a pin.
Say, “I charge this candle with golden energy, to draw happiness to me.”
Take the piece of parchment paper and write down exactly what you
are looking for in a job: type of job, salary, location, what
you want to get out of the job. When finished, roll it up and
tie it closed with the ribbon or string. Place it upon your altar tile. Take the stone and hold it in your receptive hand. Hold your
projective hand over it and channel a swift moving, gold speckled green energy into it. When you feel the stone pulsing with
energy, place the stone in your projective hand and pick up the scroll of parchment with your receptive hand. Feel the stones energy
snake its way through your body and infuse itself into the scroll.
Once you feel the circuit of energy begin to flow, recite: “Words on the paper, spilled from my mind. The perfect job for me, will be easy to find. Opportunity will knock I will be there to see, My perfect job waiting, waiting for me. It comes to me, and I come to it, Solving my problem, with the perfect fit Powers above, circle below Bestow upon me, what I must know Open the door, show me the way Bring me what I need with no further delay Untie the ropes that bind me, set my money burdens free, As shall I wish it, so must it be.” Bring your two hands together over your candles, combining the stone
with your scroll of paper within your clasped hands. Push out
energy into them. Then, cup your hands and see the green, golden-
flecked energy spiral off into the universe. Take the bottle and
drop the scroll inside. Add the stone. Fill it up with a
prosperity herbal infusion. Cork it and place it on your altar
or the desk where you fill out applications or send out resumes.
If you like, you can drip wax from the green and gold candles
onto the cork to seal it. Once you get your perfect job, bury it, or if that’s an
impossibility, throw it away in such a manner that no one will be able to dig it back up.