Find Inner Beauty

You will need:
3 white candles

After you empower each one with your energy. Take 9 deep cleansing breaths. Deep Deeper Deeper.
(Items You will need.) Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Olive oil. (Mint Oil Optional, Lavender Oil Optional.)

Light The Candles
(Chant) 3x's
Waxing Moon, Mother Earth
Hear my plea for thee to see,
Inside my heart, the deepest part.
Take away my negativity.
Cast aside and throw away,
all my disharmony Of the day.
Re Birth my soul, bring Out the
good in me that is unknown.
In my darkness, Give me Light.
In my weakness, give me sight.
Take my wrongs and make them right.
As your will, So Mote It Be.
Pour Oil on Cinnamon & Nutmeg. Stir.
Pour Mint or Lavender next.
Pour wax from each candle.
Bury in the earth, next to a tree. (Planting portrays growth.)

Spell By: Dea Miller.