Improving Your Aura

With the knowledge of the affect that we have on others through our
mental and emotional astral atmosphere, we gain a wonderful siddhi:
the ability to develop and improve our own aura and thus our daily
mental and emotional state, and at the same time the power to improve
the aura and mood of those around us. Your sadhana now is to take pains
to develop your aura in the direction of more desirable colors and to
gradually eliminate undesirable ones.

Now we shall begin to understand how to perform this new sadhana. It
works in two ways: 1) by visualizing one or more bright, positive 
flooding your aura, immediately your awareness leaves the undesirable 
of the mind (such as depression, anger or jealousy), and you experience
more positive feelings; 2) by consciously moving your awareness into
more positive areas through the repetition of positive affirmations or
mantras, while at the same time working to bring through the 
feelings, such as joy, happiness or contentment. In this way the aura
is infused with bright, positive colors. Consciously working to improve
one's own aura becomes doubly important when we remember that its 
being magnetic, react back on our mind and emotions, thus intensifying
and neutralizing the original mental states which called them forth. We
have all found this to be true through the lesson that any negative 
or mental state seems to hold one in its clutches of its own accord,
and it takes willpower to pull oneself into a more positive frame of
mind. But, as you may have found in your previous experience with 
consistent effort does yield results. You can steady and strengthen 
mental and emotional faculty just as you can strengthen your physical
muscles and steady your nerves through exercise and practice.

By consistently visualizing desirable colors in your aura, especially
during moments of trial and emotional turmoil, you can become quite
facile and skillful in controlling your individual awareness. 
up your aura in this way neutralizes the remnants of negative emotion
and charges the aura with actinic energy. Automatically, feelings of
depression and despair give way to courage and confidence. Feelings of
jealousy and resentment give way to confidence and compassion.

As you continue with this sadhana, you will see how well it can work
for you. This practice will also help you to further build and mold
your character in accordance with the yamas and niyamas by keeping
your awareness out of the darker or more dense states of the mind. You
will soon develop a strong and more attractive personality which will
naturally uplift others.

You have discovered the five states of mind: conscious, subconscious,
sub of the subconscious, subsuperconscious and superconscious. You also
understand the three phases of the mind: instinctive, intellectual and
superconscious. Now we are learning about our individual awareness, 
it is and how it travels through the vast universe of the mind just as
a traveler moves from place to place on the Earth. In each place that
the traveler visits, he is affected by the vibrations around him. He
absorbs the thoughts of others and their moods. He is influenced by the
events he participates in. Similarly, when your individual awareness
travels through the mind, it is influenced or colored by the vibrations
within each area of the mind it becomes aware in. This influences your
nerve system and lays the foundation for your thoughts and feelings,
thus giving rise to the colors in your aura. These colors are ever
changing because your own awareness is constantly moving through the
vast universe of mind substance.