- Glamoury
by Selene Sagewoman
(c) April 2001

Merry Meet:

I thought I would talk a little about the concept of Glamoury in
craft.  I recall watching the movie "The Craft" where the girls
were able to
change their appearance by the wave of a hand.  This would be
wonderful if
we could do it, an believe me I'd be the first to take a go at
it, but it
isn't quite what glamoury is.  Let's talk about it...

Today, the word Glamour is intended to mean the way a woman
keeps up
with her appearance by the use of makeup, clothing, etc.  There
is even a
magazine by the same title.  Actually, the word glamour comes
from an old
Scottish word gramayre, which means occult lore, magical skill
bewitchment.  It is also related to the word Grammar which is
where the word
Grimoir (Book of Shadows or ones personal book of spells) comes

Now as related to bewitchment Glamouring can be a good tool when
it is
needed, particularly when you want to take on a particular
(personality).  You may need to do this when looking for that
right job
or when desiring to meet that someone special.  Tony Robbins,
America's #1
motivator uses a technique that he calls Mirroring, but it is
really a
bewitching form of Glamouring.

Mirroring is when you imitate (or take on the persona) of an
your are engaging conversation with in order for them to feel
comfortable with you and increase your chances of a positive
reaction from
them.  For instance, you would take note of the way they sit,
phrases they
use frequently, arm gestures, the way they dress etc. and
incorporate some
of them yourself for your meeting with them.  You Mirror them,
not to
mimick, but in order for them to see something in you they
This is a very powerful technique to use.

In terms of using Glamouring when looking for a partner, think
of it
this way.  When you are getting to know someone, don't you look
for what you
have in common with that person.  You may even go out of your
way to PRETEND
that you have a particular thing in common with that person so
they will be
attracted to you.  This is a magickal thing which only proves
that humanity
on the whole are magickal creatures, but are in need of a good
lesson in
remembering that.

"A witch has done the work.  A witch will recognize the game.  A
will take the mask on and off as is required...but a witch knows
what the
mask is!" ~ Ly de Angeles

Yes, glamoury is a mask of sorts.  In the Latin, the word
"persona" is
the actor's mask, or character.   In order for you to master the
art of
glamouring you must take the first step which is to "Know
The reason is pretty order to know the difference
between the
mask and the self, you have to know what the self is.  Secondly,
you need to
be able to access the situation to know if glamouring is
necessary as is
done with Tony Robbins "Mirroring" technique, and thirdly to
know that
glamouring is a mask, like the actors mask, that can be put on
or taken off
at will.

Glamouring is totally dependent on circumstance and the
can be different every time.  Just beware of one thing...realize
glamouring is not a lie, not delusion as is with those suffering
multiple personality syndrome.  It is a valued technique that
you can use to
empower your life. The main thing to keep in mind is this...HARM

You are not using this technique to harm anyone, but to make
comfortable with  you.  You must be careful here.  It's easy to
get carried
away and create a lie instead, therefore potentially setting up
a person for
a let down and pain.  You will also hurt yourself.

On a final note, a witch will use glamouring within circle when
goddess and god are being invoked.  The High Priestess takes on
the persona
of the goddess and the High Priest that of the god.  To
understand this
concept read what ever you can on drawing down the moon,
invoking the
goddess and the god. It is a normal part of creating the ritual
circle.  In
this form, glamouring is a use of energy and not something
physical.  It is
the energy of the dieties manifesting themselves through the HPS
and HP or
individually if you're working solitary.

So be aware of this wonderful life-changing tool that we have
to us.  Use it wisely and above all honest with
yourself and
harm no one.