Make your Enemy Your Friend

Take a brown clay or enamel bowl or a jar and fill it with brown sugar. Sprinkle the top with basil. Write the person's name on a piece of paper or get a personal object from the person and bury it in the mixture. Draw a solar cross (a + with a circle around it.) in the mixture and put a brown candle in the middle. Light it and say:

Thine cussedness I will overcome
In days of nine with the setting sun
I'll have thy friendship in my hand
Through thick and thin it will stand
I choose not to harm but to heal the wound
Love comes now by the Witches' Tune!
So mote it be!
Burn the candle for 9 nights. Bury the bowl/jar and it's contents or set a float in water.

-from American Folk Magick by Silver Ravenwolf