Purifying Emotions

This spell may be performed on any evening during 
a waning moon.

Place these elements in front of you:
a white candle,
a bowl of water,
a bowl of salt,
dried sage in a vessel in which it can be burned.


I gather these elements to cleanse any toxicity 
may cloud my ability to be in the flow of this 
I release negativity in my fire
(wave your hand over or through the flame)
I release blockages in my earth
(rub salt on your hands)
I clear my own air
(wave the smoldering sage in front of you)
and I purify my water
(dip your hands in water).
I ask that this release be gentle.
I affirm my trust and faith in my own abundant 
So be it.
And so it is.

Dispose of the ingredients immediately. Use the 
candle again for any
other waning moon spell.