Drawing Down the Moon

This technique is designed to draw upon Luna energy, or astral 
energy, with
which to empower a spell or work Magick. It can also be used 
for psychic
development and meditation. In Strega practice, Drawing down 
the Moon is not
the same thing as invoking the goddess.When we invoke the 
Goddess upon the
High Priestess, we refer to it as "Calling down the Goddess". 
The first act
is connecting with the Moon, while the second act is connecting 
with the
Goddess. The Moon and the Goddess are not the same thing, 
though admittedly
they are difficult to separate.

Technique I: Drawing Down the Moon

Sit quietly and visualize the Full Moon above you. Mentally 
bring the Moon
down to each of your body centers, visualizing each one glowing 
with the
Moons light. Concentrate on each center for at least a min-ute 
before moving
on to the next.

Technique II: Drawing and Raising Power

Sit comfortably, close your eyes, and imagine a white sphere of 
light about
5 inches above your head. Imagine it flowing down through your 
head, neck,
shoulders, chest, arms, and so on. Let this energy flow through 
every inch
of you. Let it completely saturate the inside and cover the 
outside. Imagine
your entire being is glowing. At this point you are in touch 
with power, and
you may proceed with healing or other works of Magick.

Technique III: Grounding Exercise

There are times when it is necessary to drain off excess energy 
from ritual
or Magickal work, and to regain a sense of balance. Sit 
directly upon the
bare earth with you legs folded in front of you, and the palm 
of your hands
pressed down upon the ground. Imagine your arms to be hollow ( 
like two
hoses) and mentally pour the excess/unwanted energy out into 
the soil.Slow,
deep breathing is helpful in
this technique. Once you feel the energy is drained, then 
quickly get up and
leave the area. It is best not to return there for a few hours. 
The earth
will neutralize the energy, and the area will be as it was 
before you
employed it.

Technique IV: Raising an energy Sphere

This is a basic exercise for raising personal power. It will be 
foundation for works of healing, charging, and Magick. To raise 
a sphere of
power place your hands in front of you, about 6 inches apart 
(palms facing
each other), and begin to move them slowly back and fourth in 
front of you
(like playing the accordion). Experience the sensations of 
warmth, pressure,
and magnetism. Once a sphere of power has been established, you 
can pass a
mental sigil into it. Or project a thought form, thereby giving 
the sphere
its purpose. Then mentally visualize the sphere entering the 
object that you
wish to charge. To increase this energy, use your concentration 
imagination. You can visualize a glowing force of power. Do not 
allow your
hands to touch while performing this exercise. Once you have 
this method,then begin putting your hand around various objects 
and feeling
their energy fields. Soon you will discover many other uses for 
this basic