Flowers set in vases on a window or throughout a home always changes the mood / atmosphere from one of depression to one of nature,  lightness, seduction, relaxation, and more. Below is a small list of flowers that can be used in the home to help fight off depression.
 Apple Blossoms
 Soft and sweet, these flowers gently scent the air and bring about a feeling of comfort.
 Chamomile Flowers 
 While these are not flowers you can place in a vase, smelling them does help to lift tensions and brings about an inner calmness. Simply cup a few chamomile flowers in your hands and inhale deeply a few times.
 Carnations bring about a bright uplifting to any home they are placed within.
 Use red for high energy, white for purification and release of negativity, and pink for comfort and soothing.
 Also called Narcissus. Use this flower when you need to release negativity. It is a flower of self-sacrifice and is best when used in giving up useless guilt and poor habits. These flowers in any room will help release all the built up negatives and bring about a bright cheerfulness which is common after such a release.
  Another flower that can't really be placed inside a vase. For one time use, pick a small amount of honeysuckle and take it with you when you are going to take a long bath. Lay it beside you on a dry surface or on the sink and allow the warm vapours from the tub absorb the sweet musky scent of the honeysuckle. It is a flower of divination and helps one to relax.
 Pick three fresh sprigs of lavender flowers and tie them together with white ribbon or string. Carry this around with you and throughout the day, bring it to your nose and inhale deeply. This  will help to clarify your thoughts and remove the depression that is getting in the way of your daily life.
 Lilacs give off a strong and heavy scent. Just a small bunch will scent a large room. These flowers are great for removing mental dust and for making room for the positive. Place in vases throughout the home and open up all the windows for a floral purification.
  Roses, known for love, can be purchased for oneself. Tell yourself "I love me" by buying a bouquet of roses and setting it in a prominent place in your home. A very uplifting act and positive self- affirmation.  It may be just the boost you need to get out of the beginnings of a depression.
 Tigerlillies are flowers of creativity.  Place these in your work or crafting room when your depression stems from a creative block.
I have suffered from depression at different points of my life. I have never felt my depression was severe enough to go to a doctor or use prescription medication for it. I have used some of the rituals listed below.

A Happiness Spell
You'll need a candle of your favorite color, 5 rose petals, a pictur of yourself as a child looking happy.

Sit cross legged on the floor. Place the candle before you and scatter the rose petals around it. Light it ad put your picture next to the candle. Look deep into the flame. Relax for a few seconds,breath deeply, forgettting about everything that is depressing you. Push all your unhappiness into the rose petal nearest to you. Take the rose petal, crush it, and throw it aside. Breath deeply again, look at the picture and chant:
"By the power within me, let happiness be. Dig up from corners of my mind the happinesss and carefree of a child. Push away heavy thoughts, let happiness flow free."

Chant this about 3 times. Close your eyes and imagine being young and free. Blow out the candle, stand up and spin around counter clockwise 3 times. Take 2 petals and rub them on your eyelids gently. Then bury all the petals outside.

You will need:
white candle, black marker, kunzite or blue lace agate stone, lemon balm, lemon oil, and a cloth pouch.

Color the candle completely black to symbolize the depression. Light it and say:
Flame cut through depression, deep
Melt it down and make it weep
Grant me power to re-emerge
From its grip, I leap and surge

Watch the candle burn untl white wax appears at the flame. Rub some oil on the stone and say:
Stone of mellow hue
Dissolve this depression, I beg of you
Take its power and transform its stength
Into positive energy I can use at length

Lightly rub the stone on your temples and your heart, then place it in front of the candle on the pouch and sprinkle it with lemon balm. Burn the candle down completely. Wrap the stone and herb in the pouch and carry it with you.

Get Rid of Depression

3 black candles
3 white candles
cedar chips rose petals catnip cinnamon

Go outside, somewhere where you can feel the air, and open a circle. Kneel in the middle of the circle facing east. Place the candles in a semicircle in front of you, and light each one. On a fire proof plate, start a small fire of cedar chips. Sprinkle rose petals, catnip, and cinnamon in the fire while saying:
Earth and fire, water and air
Hear my prayer, hear my prayer
Take this depression,
Take it away
Give me the strength
To face a new day.

When the fire dies down, splash a little blessed water on the fire. Take the wet ashes, and throw them as far from you as you can and say:
With these ashes go my pain,
From the healing fires,
New strength regained.

Thank the elements for hearing you, and close the circle.

Tools you will need are:
Protection Incense (herbs or oils work fine also)
Yellow 8" Taper Candle

It is best to find a work area that you can leave untouched for three days. If
you must put away your tools, try to at least keep your spell candle out in
the open.

This spell is used to uplift your energy and overcome depression. Read over this
spell and customize it prior to use-the work will go much smoother.

Prepare your work area by setting up any tools you may use. While setting up
your area, CONCENTRATE on the purpose of your work. Imagine how
good it feels to be happy. Do not let negative thoughts enter your mind!

Just prior to your work, bathe in purification herbs, or with your favorite bath
salts. While you are bathing, concentrate again on the purpose of your
spell. Again, do not let negative thoughts enter your mind.

After bathing, go to your work area. Cast a circle and light your incense.
Envision a large, yellow ball of light surrounding you and your work area.
Hold the yellow candle between the palms of your hands and direct all of your
positive energy into the candle.

Place the candle in its candle holder. Prior to lighting the candle, say
(either aloud, or to yourself):
This candle represents the love and energy I have for myself

Light the candle and say (either aloud or to yourself):
As I light this candle, the veil of darkness that is ever present in my mind is
lifting. The darkness ceases to exist as the light of this flame glows.
Long has the darkness filled my mind, my desire to be happy is intense like the
heat of fire. As this candle burns, my spirits are lifting and the
negative energy is washing away. I will be happy, my life will be peaceful. I
can see myself as I wish to be-happy and free!

Sit back and watch the candle burn. Meditate on how good if feels to be happy
and envision the veil of darkness lifting.

When the candle had burned 1/3 of the way, say:
As the flame of the candle is extinguished-the light burns forever in my mind”
and blow out the candle.

Repeat this for two more nights.

On the last night, after the candle has burned away and the leftover wax has
cooled-throw away the leftover wax into to trash and envision your
depression being thrown away with the wax.


When the Kore, or Maiden, returned from the underworld, she was no
longer the innocent girl who had wondered through the fields of her
mother Demeter, picking flowers. She had not only undergone a spiritual
transformation, taking into her care the departed and confused souls of
humans, but had assumed another name: Persephone. Her return also
heralded the physical first signs of Spring, a promise that winter would
not last forever.

We each experience, at some point in our lives, a feeling that we have
been plunged into the Underworld and darkness. If we undergo a spiritual
transformation, we can come back stronger than before. True, we are not
the same as before, but then would we want to be? With the
transformation comes a new focus in life, often different goals and
responsibilities. We relate to the "dark" side of life in a totally
unique manner after such an experience, understanding its value in the
cyclical rhythm of Nature.

All humans undergo times of darkness, of feeling buried and hopeless,
uncertain whether they will emerge once more into the light and happier
times. Sometimes this is precipitated by disastrous personal events,
such as death of a loved one, a financial crisis, or illness. Other
times it is brought on by negative periods whose cause is unknown. These
times of depression and despair can be brief or longer lasting. Either
way they can be very difficult to endure.

The following ritual helps to begin the subconscious changes necessary
for dissolution of these dark, unhappy feelings. The worst thing about
such times is the helpless, hopeless feelings that seem to fill the mind
and spirit, dragging you down on all levels of your life. When you are
experiencing such a dark spell, it is not important why, but how you can
reverse it.

Set out everything you will need before you begin: a white candle in a
holder, a bell, patchouli incense, a blanket. Light the candle and leave
it in the bathroom while you take a bath with some salt in the water.
Concentrate on washing all negative vibrations away. These vibrations
aren't physical, so you don't need to scrub; just soak, rinse, and

Put on a special robe, or at least something that isn't an everyday
garment. Take the candle in one hand and the bell in the other. Go
clockwise around each room in your house, ringing the bell as you go.
Also hold up the candle before each window, door, and mirror, then ring
the bell. Chant as you go:

Darkness, flee this bell and light.
Enter balance. Be gone, night.

Now set the candle in a safe place nearby where you will perform the
ritual. Light the incense and gently wave the smoke over your body. Lie
down in a comfortable position and wrap yourself completely with the
blanket, leaving your nose and mouth uncovered for unrestricted
breathing. Close your eyes.

Feel yourself sinking deep into the Earth. Relax and let yourself go. As
you sink deeper and deeper, pour out your unhappiness and depressed
feelings to the Earth Mother and the Lord of the Forest. Don't be
surprised if you find yourself curled in a fetal position. You may also
do alot of crying, which in itself is a cleansing mechanism.

Now listen with your feelings. Let those feelings go beyond control of
your conscious mind and reach that inner place where there is no
explanation for hearing what you hear, feeling what you feel. Don't try
to hear or feel anything specific; just let it happen. You will feel
yourself bathed in the love and warmth of the Earth Mother and the Lord
of the Forest. The darkness and depression inside you will start to melt
away. A deep peace will begin to penetrate your body, mind, and spirit.

As you feel yourself moving into a position of positive thoughts and
budding hope, begin to wiggle free f the blanket. Don't unwrap it or
thrust it aside as you ordinarily would. Just wiggle slowly out, as if
you were a baby being born. It will be difficult getting out, but it is
symbolic of your rebirth.

Once out, slowly stretch your arms and legs. It isn't unusual to find
yourself laughing or crying for joy. Thank the Goddess and God for their
help: past, present, and future. Look at your surroundings with new
eyes. Welcome the budding changes beginning within and around you, even
though you have no proof yet that they are occurring.

Now, go do something that makes you feel happy. Anticipate the positive
changes, small and large, that daily will enter your life.

Moon Magick by D.J. Conway