Evening chant to the Goddess
(while moongazing)

Hail fair moon
Ruler of the night
Guard me and mine
Until the morning light.

Evening chant to the God
(while watching the sunset)

Hail fair sun
Ruler of Day
Rise on the morn
To light my way

A chant for help

Divine Mother
Mother Divine
Show me the way
Give me a sign

A Blessing Chant
(When you feel scared or otherwise)

May the powers of the One,
the source of all creation;
all-pervasive, omnipotent, eternal;
May the goddess,
the Lady of the Moon;
and the God
Horned Hunter of the Sun;
may the powers of the spirits of the Watchtowers,
rulers of elemental realms;
may the powers of the stars above and Earth below
bless this place, this time, and I who am with you.

The Calling

                by Tamarack

                I call to the East,
                For the Strength of the Air.
                I call to you now,
                And know that you are there.

                I call to the South,
                And the Fires that ere Burn.
                You have the Power,
                And for you I do yearn.

                I call to the West,
                Flowing Waters, Life of us all.
                You who sustains us,
                On you I now call.

                I call to the North,
                And to Mother Earth.
                We draw our power from you,
                For you gave to us birth.

                I Call to the Spirits,
                Oh Moon Goddess and Horned One
                You are Spirits of Love and of the Hunt.
                Spirits of life and joy of power and fun.