Channeling Healing energy with the Chakras

[Note: by Rose Ann Schwab]

The channeling of healing energy occurs when one allows oneself to be a
vehicle or  channel through which healing energy can flow. In the use
of healing energy it can have a profound effect. Colors of the chakras
also used by Healers to read energy in the auras and whether it is
healthy, unhealthy, blocked or free flowing. It is important when
acting as a channel for healing energy or channeling, to centering and
protection of oneself. By using deep breathing exercises and
visualization, the Channeler is able to prepare themselves for the gift
they are about to use.

The secret of channeling healing energy is ALLOWING yourself to feel
connected to a positive energy source and allow the free flowing of the
energy through you to someone else.  By tapping various energy sources
within our bodies and without we are able
to connect in other ways. These centers are natural doorways to
positive energy.  When we associate words with the experience, we can
also open doors in this manner. The word "love" will make us feel
relaxed and peaceful. Using the word "love" connects us to the energy
source that is love.

Words therefore can be used as a connection to a positive energy source.

Colors are sources of positive energy with each color having a
different source and connection to the energy.

Red is the color of physical energy and energizes us. To over energize
cause restlessness. The color red when used in healings signifies
physical strength and vibrancy. This color is also good for sluggish

Orange is the color of emotional happiness. Cloudy orange is seen in an
aura when there is some kind of physical irritation. It is a good color
to use healing on bladder and hips.

Yellow is the color of the intellect and usually large amounts of
yellow around the head area can be found. Those who are intellectual or
make their living using their minds will have a great deal of yellow in
their auras. This color is good for general toner and can be used to
bring healing to the kidneys.

Green is the basic color of physical healing and you will find this
color predominantly used in healings and the most predominant color in
the aura because light souls are going through a continuous healing
process. In using this color you are promoting growth, health, security,

and regeneration.  When concentrations of green are found in a
particular area, it indicates healing is taking place.  Blue is the
color of peace and can be used for most situations as a general healing
color. This color if found as a predominant color indicates this light
soul is inclined to be spiritual and peace loving.

Channeling the color Blue then white will help in calming effects.
Indigo is a mixture of more blue and then red. In a light soul it
represents spirituality and passion. It can also indicate wisdom which
is spiritual (blue) and knowledge gained through experiences and
lessons (red). It is used to quiet anger and any negativity. It can
also be used
on light souls who have had a lot of lessons or experiences and have
not developed into

Violet - represents spiritual mediation and is also a stimulant for
psychic awareness. This color is used for general spiritual or
emotional healing.  Usually significant amounts are found in the A
Aura. This is perceived as advancement in spiritual growth and levels.
White has all the colors including the healing colors and can be used
any type of healing. It represents purity, protection and unconditional
love. If you are feeling threatened or someone is bombarding you with
darkness and negativity, using and enveloping white light through and
around you will protect you.

White represents a very high degree of spirituality. Predominant white
auras are rare.

Pink is the color of unconditional love with the physical energy of red
and the spiritual qualities of white. This color would nourish someone
who has trouble giving and receiving love. Pink as a predominate color
aura represents modest or quiet and loving light soul. This color also
shows large capacity for devotion.

Gold has a quality to create a structure for healing within a light
soul. With using this color and surrounding the area then with green
healing energy it will help in aiding the physical healing. Gold as a
healing color is used for restructuring, but also is  considered very
spiritual. As with white, the gold represents unconditional love. Gold
auras are rare.  In channeling using white light and channeling using
mother earth energy
helps to give an equal balance of positive energy force.