Celtic Cross Spell

Celtic Cross Spell
 Making the sign of the cross acts as a 
protective spell, even for non-Christians, because it uses the powers of 
the four elements to act as a shield and barrier. As a variation of this gesture, you can draw a 
Celtic cross over your solar plexus—bad energy often 
goes straight to the stomach—when you have to deal with hostile 
people. To effect the spell, draw your fingers across your upper and lower 
abdomen to make an equal-armed cross. Repeat this motion several times, while 
visualizing a shield of protective energy building in front of you. 
Then, rub your palm around the area in a circular motion until you feel more 
relaxed. If you have to confront negativity on a regular basis, hang a 
Celtic cross on a very long cord, and wear it beneath your shirt, 
positioned about your navel.
 by Janina Renée
Llewellyn's Spell-a-Day 11/27/01