Protection Bottle

This one in the form of a bottle is ideal for house protections.
For this bottle, you will need:

*One medium-sized bottle or jar
*Altar Pentacle
*Pieces of broken glass
*Anything sharp (nails, thorns, pins, etc.)
*Herbs (choose three or four of these:)
basil, cinquefoil, garlic, hyssop, motherwort, nettles, rosemary, vervain.
*Black cord or embroidery floss
*Piece of parchment
*Black Ink       ] Or you can use a black ink pen or
*Fountain Pen     ] marker...witch-ever you wis
h Gather all of your materials on your altar.
Cast Circle
Call Quarters
Ground and Center
Place the bottle or jar on the pentacle. After each ingredient has been placed in the jar, write the following on the parchment with the fountain pen and black ink:

Light surrounds you,
Light protects you,
Light empowers you,
To make evil flee.

Fold the parchment in half three times and place in the jar. Cap and seal it.Wind the black cord or embroidery floss around the top of the jar seven times in a counter-clockwise direction. When you are finished put the jar in a place where it will protect the thing was meant to protect. If this jar was created to protect a home or outdoor space, you may wish to bury the jar near the area or frontdoor.