Prayer to the Elements

 Use this prayer/meditation whenever you feel out of sorts,are in
 a blue
 funk,or need to find balance in your personal circumstances..

 "Come to me Air,so fresh and so clean,
 Grant mental power-keep my thoughts
 sharp & keen.
 Bring creativity-bring clarity,too..
 Lend your positive aspects to all that I do.
 Come to me Water,so flowing and free,
 Lend compassin and love and gentility.
 Grant understanding and tempers please smooth..
 Come to me Fire,so warm and so bright.
 As I walk throug this life,my pathway,
 please light.
 Please help me to live and to love with pure Zest-
 Standing up for the Truth when I'm put to the test.
 Come to me Earth,so rich and so moist,
 Bestow,please,Your gifts of serene peace & joy
 Grant Your stability and ethical ways,
 So I may help others,the rest of my days.
 Akasha,please come,and work with these four
 And balance Their aspects withn me once more.
 Transform my life,for you hold the key
 To Changing me into that which I should be.
 Elementsof all that live and shall be,
 Please spin your spell in pure harmony-
 Weaving the theads of my life with ease,
 and stiching it's fabric with Blessed Be's!"

 For Emotional Balance:

 Carry both a red tiger-eye and a hematite with you at all
 tiger-eye gathers scattered energy,and the hermatite grounds and
 transforms it into positive,useable force.

 Affirmative Chant to Balance te Physical and Spiritual:

 "as Within,so without
 My harmony exists throughout.
 I am one with both these worlds
 Within the two,my spirit twirls."

 Chakra-balancing Bath:

 Add a quart of beer to a full tub of warm water.Lie down in the
 tub and

 "Yeast & hops,balance & clear
 Chakra blockages,front & rear.
 Wash them away,from head to toe
 This is my will,now make it so!"

 Stay in the bath as long as you like,immersing yourself in the
 twice.Let the Water dry on you body towels...