Astral Projection

Monroe Techniques for Astral Projection

                Note: After having studied many methods of Astral Projection, I have
                found that this is the easies to do. Monroe teaches these techniques in
                a week, but they can be
                easily done in a day, with proper devotion. I feel that this technique
                is superior to others because it doe not require intense visualization,
                which many people cannot
                do. enjoy! --Thich Van

                (Taken from Leaving The Body: A Complete Guide to Astral Projection, D.
                Scott Rogo, prentice Hall Press)

                One of the chief barriers people learning to project face is fear. Many
                are afraid that they may die, or be harmed in some way as a result of
                their projection. Nothing
                could be farther from the truth. The Cantebury Institute, reknowned for
                its occult studies, executed an experiment in projection involving over
                2,000 people. None of
                them were hurt in any way by this, and now, three years later, none have
                complained of any newly arising problems.

                Once you are aware that you cannot be harmed by projecting, you should
                begin monroe's techniques, step by step.

                Step one:
                Relax the body. According to Monroe, "the ability to relax is the first
                prerequisite, perhaps even the first step itself" to having an OBE. (out
                of body experience) This
                includes bothe physical and mental relaxation. Monroe does not suggest a
                method of attaining this relaxation, although Progressive Muscle
                relaxation, coupled with
                deep breathing exercises (inhale 1, exhale 2, inhale 3.... until 50 or
                100) are known to work well.

                Step two:
                Enter the state bordering sleep. This is known as the hypnagogic state.
                Once again, Monroe doesn't recommend any method of doing this. One way
                is to hold your
                forearm up, while keeping your upper arm on the bed, or ground. As you
                start to fall asleep, your arm will fall, and you will awaken again.
                With practice, you can
                learn to control the Hypnagogic state without using your arm. Another
                method is to concentrate on an object. When other images start to enter
                your thoughts, you
                have entered the Hypnagogic state. Passively watch these images. This
                will also help you maintain this state of near-sleep. Monroe calls this
                Condition A.

                Step three:
                Deepen this state. Begin to clear your mind. observe your field of
                vision through your closed eyes. Do nothing more for a while. Simply
                look through your closed
                eyelids at the blackness in front of you. After a while, you may notice
                light patterns. These are simply neural discharges. They have no
                specific effect. Ignore them.
                When they cease, one has entered what Monroe calls Condition B. From
                here, one must enter an even deeper state of relaxation which Monroe
                calls Condition C--
                a state of such relaxation that you lose all awareness of the body and
                sensory stimulation. You are almost in a void in which your only source
                of stimulation will be
                your own thoughts. The ideal state for leaving your body is Condition D.
                This is Condition C when it is voluntarily induced from a rested and
                refreshed condition and
                is not the effect of normal fatigue. To achieve Condition D, Monroe
                suggests that you practice entering it in the morning or after a short

                Step Four:
                Enter a state of Vibration. This is the most important part of the
                technique, and also the most vague. Many projectors have noted these
                vibrations at the onset of
                projection. They can be experienced as a mild tingling, or as is
                electricity is being shot through the body. /their cause is a mystery.
                It may actually be the astral body
                trying to leave the physical one.

                For entering into the vibrational state, he offers the following

                   1.Remove all jewelry or other items that might be touching your skin.

                   2.Darken the room so that no light can be seen through your eyelids,
                but do not shut out all light.
                   3.Lie down with your body along a north-south axis, with your head
                pointed toward magnetic north.
                   4.Loosen all clothing, but keep covered so that you are slightly
                warmer than might normally be comfortable.
                   5.Be sure you are in a location where, and at a time when, there will
                be absolutely no noise to disturb you.
                   6.Enter a state of relaxation
                   7.Give yourself the mental suggestion that you will remember all that
                occurs during the upcoming session that will be beneficial to your
                weel-being. Repeat this
                     five times.
                   8.Proceed to breath through your helf-open mouth.
                   9.As you breath, concentrate on the void in front of you.
                  10.Select a point a foot away from your forehead, then change your
                point of mental reference to six feet.
                  11.Turn the point 90 degrees upward by drawing an imaginary line
                parallel to your body axis up and above your head. Focus there and reach
                out for the
                     vibrations at that point and bring them back into your body. Even
                if you don't know what these vibrations are, you will know when you have
                achieved contact
                     with them.

                Step five:
                Learn to control the vibrational state. Practice controling them by
                mentally pushing them into your head, down to your toes, making them
                surge throughout your entire
                body, and producing vibrational waves from head to foot. To produce this
                wave effect, concentrate of the vibrations and mentally push a wave out
                of your head and
                guide it down your body. Practice this until you can induce these waves
                on command. Once you have control of the vibrational state, you are
                ready to leave the

                Step six:
                Begin with a partial seperation. The key here is thought control. Keep
                your mind firmly focused on the idea of leaving the body. Do not let it
                wander. Stray thought
                might cause you to lose control of the state. Now, having entered the
                vibrational state, begin exploring the OBE by releasing a hand or a foot
                of the "second body".
                Monroe suggests that you extend a limb until it comes in contact with a
                familiar object, such as a wall near your bed. Then push it through the
                object. Return the limb
                by placing it back into coincidence with the physical one, decrease the
                vibrational rate, and then terminate the experiment. Lie quietly until
                you have fully returned to
                normal. This exercise will prepare you for full seperation.

                Step seven:
                Dissociate yourself from the body. Monroe suggests two methods for this.
                One method is to lift out of the body. To do this, think about getting
                lighter and lighter
                after entering this vibrational state. Think about how nice it would be
                to float upward. Keep this thought in mind at all costs and let no
                extraneous thoughts interrupt it.
                An OBE will occur naturally at this point.

                Another method is the "Rotation method" or "roll-out" technique. When
                you have achieved the vibrational state, try to roll over as if you were
                turning over in bed. /do
                not attempt to roll over physically. Try to twist your body from the top
                and virtually roll over into your second body right out of your physical
                self. At this point, you
                will be out of the body but next to it. Think of floating upward, and
                you should find yourself floating above the body. Monroe suggests you
                begin with the lift-out
                method, but argues that both are equally efficacious.

                If, after all this, you still can't project, I recommend purchasing
                Leaving The Body, by R. Scott Rogo. It only costs $7.95 and contains
                another eight or so
                techniques. Not all techniques work for everyone, but chances are you'll
                find one that works for you in this book.


This exercise in the Astral Workbook is meant to prepare those who have
never astral travelled before. It's for loosening up and relaxing enough
to 'let go' of your other self.

"Begin by regulating your breathing. Relaxation is a physical function.
Your muscles use oxygen extracted from your bloodstream. Your
bloodstream, in turn, extracts that oxygen from the air you breathe. By
regulating your breathing, you increase the oxygen available in your
blood, your muscles extract the optimum amount and are far happier to
relax for you than they might otherwise be.
It you have studied yoga, you will know there are all sorts of
complex breath-regulation techniques. But the one I want you to try is
very simple. It is called 2/4 breathing.
What it comes down to is that you
1. Breathe in to the mental count of four...
2. Hold your breath in to the mental count of two...
3. Breathe out to the mental count of four...
4. Hold your breath out to the mental count of two.
It sounds simple and it is, although I should warn you there is a
bit of a knack to getting it right. (You will know you have got it
right, incidently, when you begin doing it without thinking.)
The rate at which you should count varies from individual to
individual. Start by synchronizing it with your heartbeat. If this
doesn't work, play around a bit until you hit on the rhythm that is most
comfortable for you.
Get your breathing comfortable before you go on to the second part
of the exercise.
Once you have established a comfortable rhythm of 2/4 breathing, let
it run for about 3 minutes, then start the following relaxation
sequence. (If you can hold the 2/4 rhythm while you do it, that's great,
but chances are you will not be able to do so at first. In this latter
case, just start your session with three minutes of 2/4 breathing, then
go back to normal breathing while you carry out the main relaxation
sequence, then take up 2/4 breathing again when you are nicely relaxed.)

Concentrate on your feet. Wiggle them about. Curl them to tense the
muscles, then allow them to relax.
Concentrate on your calf muscles. Tighten and relax them.
Concentrate on your thigh muscles. Tighten and relax them.
Concentrate on your buttock muscles. Tighten your buttock and anus,
then relax them.
Concentrate on your stomach muscles, a very common tension focus.
Tighten then relax them.
Concentrate on your hands. Curl them into fists, then relax them.
Concentrate on your arms. Tighten them rigidly, then relax them.
Concentrate on your back. Tighten the muscles, then relax them.
Concentrate on your chest. Tighten the muscles, then relax them.
Concentrate on your shoulders, another very common tension focus.
Hunch your shoulders to tighten the muscles, then relax them.
Concentrate on your neck. Tighten the muscles then relax them.
Concentrate on your face. Grit your teeth and contort your features
to tense up the facial muscles, then relax them.
Concentrate on your scalp. Frown to tighten the scalp muscles, then
relax them.
Now tighten up every muscle in your body, holding your entire body
momentarily rigid, then relax, letting go as completely as you are able.
Do this final whole body sequence again, then again - three times in
all. On the third time, take a really deep breath when you tense the
muscles and sigh deeply aloud as you let the tension go.
You should be feeling nicely relaxed by now. If you abandoned your
2/4 breathing at the start of the relaxation sequence, pick it up again
at this point.
Close your eyes and try to imagine your whole body getting heavier
and heavier, as if it were turning to lead. You will find your
visualization increases your level of relaxation still further.
Enjoy the sensation of relaxation for the remainder of your session.
But stay vigilant. Should you find tension creeping in anywhere (and you
certainly will in the early days) don't let it worry you. Just tighten
up the tense muscles a little more, then relax them.
Use the technique regularly until you have trainer yourself to relax
totally any time you want to."

The Astral Projection Workbook
How To Achieve Out-of-Body Experiences
by J. H. Brennan


- Prepare the work area and magick circle; decide exactly what you seek on the astral plane.

- Before going into a light trance, use herbal fluid condenser to draw the symbol of the Moon Boat (a crescent) with your finger.

- Control breathing and go into trance.

- Imagine yourself growing smaller and finally small enough to enter the mirror....

Feel yourself being drawn into the mirror's portal. Inside, you encounter a beautiful moonlit shore, above you is a star filled sky and ahead is a dark sea covered with rolling mists. There, waiting for you upon the sea, is the moonboat you have created for yourself. Step aboard and relax as a silken sail rises. Each time you breathe, the sail fills with your breath. You begin to float and glide swiftly and silently across the dark sea. There is nothing to fear in this calm seascape. Travel deeper into trance and further across the sea until you reach another shore....

Step ashore and experience the new land. Note the details of the landscape and how you feel about being there. Mentally call out to your astral guide and wait for her/him to appear before continuing on. When your guide approaches, greet her/him, and explain what you seek. Follow where the guide leads and take notice of all sensations and images.

When you feel that your needs have been met, thank your guide and return swiftly to the moon boat. Step aboard and return the way you came. Return slowly to your physical body and begin to see through your physical eyes again. You will remember all you saw and felt on your journey... write it all down in your scrying journal.